Computer or laptops after using certain period of time become obsolete that should be replaced with better configured systems. But changing such devices become challenging if you are using multiple applications and utility software having database and you need such stuffs exactly in the same way into your new PC so that you can continue keeping records correspondingly.

QuickBooks is one of such utility software having a strong database of all the records and transactions you need to carry on into new PC. In fact, to move the entire database and other details you have to go through a backup and restore for uninterrupted accessibility and use the information on new device. Find below the right steps to carry out this process successfully.

Create a Backup of all the files from old PC

To move all the data you have to keep backups into any other external device or USB drive. To initiate this process launch QuickBooks on your old PC and open the company you are looking to transfer the files. From the file menu you will find the option to create backup, here choose the local backup and click options to locate your personal storage device where you want to keep the copy of backup. Select “Save it now” and move to next for creating the backup and if there is any issue you can approach to QuickBooks online support for online help.

Restore the backup file into the new PC

Now after taking QuickBooks file backups you can restore this data into new PC to utilize the database and access all the stored information for further transactions.

Before you restore the data make sure you have installed the QuickBooks into your new PC with registered product key to run without any issue. Now connect or insert your external storage device with new PC and open QuickBooks in this system.

Now again go to file menu and select Restore Company to restore the data, just select the “Restore a Backup Copy” and click on next to choose the local backup location file from storage device. When you navigate to your personal storage device click on QuickBooks backup file, then click open and then move to next to confirm that you really want to restore the backup file on your new PC.

At this stage if you need any help you can call to QuickBooks support phone number for online help. After restoring the data check the database and access other details in new PC that were stored into your previous computer, and if there is any issue, you can take QuickBooks help for online assistance to get assured online solution as per your customize needs.