How to Troubleshoot a Slow Running of iMac


Troubleshooting iMac computer system becomes challenging if you don’t have technical knowledge about the Mac OS X. This device runs at advance version of Mac OS X well-supported with high capacity hardware components. But at the time of use, unexpected errors or technical issues can encounter anytime without any information. To deal with such situations here below we bring various troubleshooting process for iMac issues.

Slow Running of iMac

This is one the most common problem affecting the speed and performance of iMac devices. When your systems run at slower than usual speed or take too much respond time while running a particular program. The speed or iMac is mainly affected by an extra size antivirus that runs with real-time scanning and consumes lots of RAM. You need to either enhance the virtual memory or replace the antivirus that not affects the speed of a computer system.

Slow Internet Speed on iMac

Due to slow internet speed you cannot download anything or various website will be not open. Check the speed and contact to iMac technical support to fix the problem. Make sure your interment connection via router is not legally connected with devices illegally, otherwise extra loading on internet will affect the speed resulting slow speed of internet on your system.

Mac OS X Update Issues

New updates come with big fixes and better performance of device that every iMac user needs to download and install to make sure you are using the latest OS to avoid tech issues. As soon as new Mac OS X released, you can login into your apple iStore online account and download the same with the help apple iMac support technicians working online.

Slow Wi-Fi Connection Issues

If you are trying to use Wi-Fi connection on your iMac then make sure Wi-Fi is on your system, as your wireless router is configured correctly. Outdated driver or conflict of IP addresses usually creates a problem while connecting your iMac with wireless internet connection. Check and update the wireless driver and other important settings to connect your iMac with other Wi-Fi devices or with wireless based internet connections. And if you face these problems regularly and not able fix, and then get iMac help by certified technicians for safe results.