How to Troubleshooting Outlook Express?


Outlook Express Emails have become the prevalent form of communication within businesses, and sometimes individuals. Some businesses are run entirely online, and for groups that fall into this category, having glitches when sending and receiving emails can affect the day to day running of your business. If you use the Outlook Express application then common errors that can happen need to be resolved quickly and easily so that you can get on with more important parts of your day.

What common problems can occur?

Not being able to receive emails. This usually occurs when there is not enough space left. If you have too many emails in your inbox or sent folder it can compromise the ability to receive new emails. This is easily fixed, just delete some older messages, or increase the disk space of your email account to continue receiving emails. Outlook Express may sometimes be slow to load. This can happen if Outlook Express is run at the same time as Windows Messenger. In the tools menu of Outlook Express uncheck the option to log on to Windows Messenger automatically when Outlook is opened. This should help to speed Outlook up again.

What if I can’t send emails?

If you can’t send an email it means that there are issues with the application itself, a POP3 error. Perhaps connection could not be made because the target machine refused to receive it or the server could not be found (error 0x800ccc0d). If this happens it is because the connection to the server was interrupted. If it continues then contact the Internet Service Provider. If your server unexpectedly terminates the connection it indicates that there could be network problems, or server problems. Sometimes emails won’t send because files are corrupted, there aren’t sufficient details of the account, or simply a glitch.

If the reported error is ‘0x80042109’ it indicates that Outlook can’t connect to your SMTP email server. If problems persist, contact your Internet service Provider, or your server administrator. You may find also that when you are online Outlook indicates that you are not connected to the server, which prevents you from sending messages. Many of these problems can be fixed by cleaning the registry of your computer. A registry cleaner will display all of the errors found within Outlook and deletes duplicate and corrupted files. Registry cleaners are a necessity if you want to prevent your computer from crashing and to keep it running at its peak.

What if I find I can’t delete old emails?


If you find that you can’t delete old emails, a copy of the deleted email may have been sent to the ‘deleted email folder’. This can corrupt your ‘deleted items folder’. Transfer all items from your ‘deleted email folder’ into another folder, and delete the ‘deleted items.dbx’ file. This should solve the problem. Another common error is Error 0x800420CB. This prevents you from being able to open emails. This may be because your .dbx files are corrupted. If this happens then go to ‘tools’ in the main menu. Select ‘accounts’, and then the ‘mail tab’ option. Select ‘duplicate mail account’ and then choose remove. Do this until all duplicate emails are gone. This should solve the problem, if it doesn’t then rename the ‘outbox.dbx’ file. If there are any suspicious messages in your mailbox you can ask your Internet Service Provider to delete them.

Other common error codes:

Some other common error codes you may strike if Outlook cannot establish connections with your email server are: 0x800ccc15, 0x800ccc81, 0x800ccc67, 0x800ccc79, 0x800ccc0b, 0x800ccc0e, 0x8004210b, and 0x80040900. Common reasons for these errors could be that you are not connected with the Internet or your network. Perhaps your mail server is temporarily unavailable. Your user profile in Outlook may be damaged, or you settings are incorrect. Your AV software may be configured incorrectly, or Outlook has been removed from the computer, or damaged. If this is the case, then it is a good idea to reinstall Outlook Express.

To solve these problems first make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Try typing into the address bar. If you still have problems connecting then contact your Internet Service Provider. If incorrect account settings are the cause of the problem then create a new email profile in Outlook.

Problems with anti-virus software:


It is possible that your anti-virus software is causing problems if it has an email-scanning feature. If this is the case go to their website to get advice on how to solve the problem. Avoid downloading files on email attachments from sources that you don’t trust, or when your antivirus program is disabled.

What if I have verified my settings with my email service provider?

There are other things you can try, one of them being opening Outlook in safe mode. Opening Outlook is in safe mode means it is starting without add-ins, toolbar customizations and preview pane. This could help you identify if there is a damaged application or add-in. If using Windows XP, Windows server 2003, or Windows 2000 click ‘start, then ‘run’. Type ‘outlook.exe/safe’ in the start search box. Click ‘ok’. With Windows Vista click ‘start’ and then simply type ‘outlook.exe/safe’ in the start search box and press enter.

If there are email addresses that aren’t valid within a distribution list then the error will show up as Error 0x8004210b. Check that all addresses within the lists are valid by sending the email to them individually. Once you discover the incorrect address you can remove it from the list and resend.

Your firewall software may be configured incorrectly, but correcting this may leave you open to viruses or other malicious users. If you suspect that this may be the case then take your computer to a technician. If you have tried cleaning your registry, you are connected to the Internet, you have re-installed Outlook and created a new email profile with the correct settings, then take your computer to a technician for further advice. This is recommended especially if there is a problem with the firewall, as fixing this problem can leave your computer open to other users if not done correctly.

For those not technically inclined, or for those who want to improve their computer performance overall, it is suggested that you download PC Health Advisor. It will scan your computer for any issues it has and fix the problems it has detected.