How to Turn On Conversation View in Outlook 2013?


Microsoft Outlook always remained the first choice of the users to send mails with customize options and facility to communicate with local area network connected members. This is also a widely used conversation application among the employees of business enterprises. And to improve the experience of the user Microsoft has released many updated versions integrated with various useful features.

After Outlook 2010, Microsoft has made significant changes in Outlook 2013 which has almost similar user-interface but offers a far better mailing experience for users. Outlook has many features, and one of them is conversation view option, that allows users to show the conversation of mails between various senders and receivers who exchange mails among them especially to discuss various topics regularly.

The new Outlook 2013 also has “show as conversation” option which helps to view the exchange of mails between different Outlook users with option to see members name without opening it on the windowpane. However, many times this is not activated that creates problem for the users to view the conversation shortly. And many users don’t know how to enable conversation view in outlook 2013. But you can see below the simple process of turning on conversation view in outlook 2013 within few easy steps.

To open the view conversation option first you have to open “view” menu where you can see that tab available in the name of “view as conversation”. If you have any problem to find this option or you are facing any kind of issue with your Outlook express 2013, you can take outlook technical support for personalize online assistance through remote control system with assured solution.

Now to enable conversation view check the box that shows the conversation which will allow viewing the mail conversation with quick view? And if you don’t want to view the conversations, you can uncheck this box and disable the conversation view, but to view the conversation you have to open each mail. The “view conversation” mail option has been developed by the Microsoft to save the user’s time and efforts.

The process not completed yet, as you also have to select the folders or mails where this “view conversation” can be applied. After selecting the checkbox option of view conversation you will see a window with the three options – All Mailboxes, This Folder and Cancel. You can select the folder you want to apply and after selecting the option you can see a little arrow next to emails that are grouped.

The process is very easy to turn on or turn off the “view conversation” and everyone must use this feature to easily view the members involve in the conversation with option to scroll down and view the name of all the members conversing. However, if anyone cannot enable or disable this feature but or they face any kind of issue they can contact to outlook customer support with instant response for online help.