How to Update HP Laptop to Windows 10?


Windows 10 now available with new features for HP users. If your system is eligible for upgrade, then do it now, as up to 29th July 2016, Microsoft is giving it free without any charges. Lots of HP users did that and now enjoying new windows operating system on their PC. Find below how to update HP laptop to windows 10 or return back to previous version.

Check Eligibility & System Requirements

First check that whether your system is eligible for windows 10 upgrades or not, if not, then you have to buy new windows package to install separately. If qualified, then check the system minimum requirement that should be at least 1GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 20GB Hard disk space, fast internet connection to download update.

Download the Windows 10 into Your System

Instead of direct updating from web server, first download the whole windows setup into your system and then install. It prevents from data loss or keep your previous data if crash unexpectedly. After downloading upgrade step-by-step given instructions and if you face any error then call to HP technical support for help.

Things to Do After Upgrading Windows 10

After downloading windows 10 into your HP laptop you have to do few things to complete the upgrade and configure the settings as per the customize needs. Install all the necessary drivers and support assistance of HP so that your system can automatically detect and install latest software driver. And if you need any help to install HP laptop drivers you can call to HP tech support service center open 24-hour for online help.

How to Return Back Previous Version of Windows?

Windows 10 also allows user to go back to previous version, if you don’t like this one. But make sure you have not cleanup your disc, reset or refreshed windows 10, otherwise you will be not allowed to go back. And return back option is available only for 31 days after the installation. You can also take help from HP laptop support to restore your previous version and it would be better if you take backups before updating windows.