How to Use Windows 10 New Features?


Windows 10 comes with various innovative features that are completely different from its previous versions. Packed with various useful and advanced features, windows provide you an advance level of computing for different devices. Understanding the windows 10 feature is important to enjoy the new platform. You can find below how to use windows 10 features.

Quick Settings Access and Changing Options

Microsoft did a best job to bring setting in front with quick access to control various important functions of your computer. In windows 10 you can easily access settings to update your PC or create backup or recovery. The update on windows 10 runs without stopping the other functions of our computer allowing you a hassle-free updating process. You can change various important settings from this section with quick effect of change.

Cortana – A Digital Assistant for Users

Cortana, It is new and one of the most innovative feature of windows 10. It works like a digital assistance that answers your questions, set reminders and keep tracking of your various activities to perform accordingly. It is visible at the bottom just next to start windows icon you can either type of use your voice command to find anything. To change Cortana settings take help for Microsoft office tech support for safe use.

Microsoft Edge – The New Look Internet Explorer Browser

This time Internet explorer comes with an advance look and best user-interface. Microsoft Edge is new browser comes in windows 10 operating system package. It is free from unnecessary icons and tabs, instead inspired by Chrome giving a neat and clean browsing platform. The best feature of Microsoft Edge is highlighting or makes not anything on web page with quick option to share on other social media with fast loading time.

Menu Customization and Personalization

Windows 10 allows you to customize and control apps its position and categorization by naming into a group. You can drag, move or remove any app on the window menu. At professionalization end you will get various customize option to change the background of your PC more attractive with beautiful themes and pictures. You can also get Microsoft office customer support to solve professionalization related various settings