HP Printer Problems and Their Solutions

HP Printers

Despite of being reliable and quality printing machines and despite of your best of efforts, Hewlett Packard (HP) printers malfunction. Why? There can be a lot reasons behind HP printers to malfunction and show error messages. If your print session is essential for you then hopefully this article will help you out.


PROBLEM: If the toner smears or doesn’t work properly then there may be various reasons like: Fuser could have been defective, Fuser could show Clean Fuser Input Message OR Toner cartridge could have been faulty.

SOLUTION: If the toner is showing up the Clean Fuser Input Messages, then it is a clear indication that you should clean it. Open the front door of your HP Printer and check if a blue brush is displaying inside there and take out the printer’s toner cartridge to reach the fuser assembly. If the fuser has failed or toner cartridge has damaged then you need to replace it.


PROBLEM: While using the printer, the most common problem that arises is Paper squeezing. Paper jam problem can occur due to various reasons like, selection of wrong paper tray and type, due to torn paper bits, due to lose paper roller, due to a lint of dusts and so on.

SOLUTION: You need to check out the inside paper tray and the exit of the print paper, if there are bits of paper jammed inside then you need to remove it. If you find out that problem is related to the paper type then you need to match the paper type with the printer properties. You also need to be sure that the printer prints to the right way otherwise it will lead to the paper jam.


PROBLEM: HP Printer is full of latest and advance features and its driver package comprises a lot of additional software, not only the driver. Due to which many users face problem in HP Printer Driver or Setup Installation.

SOLUTION: During the HP Printer Installation, you can get error messages like

  • Driver fatal Install OR
  • Fatal Error During Installation OR
  • Fatal Error 2753 — MSI.dot4wrp OR
  • The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).

Sometime the driver installation can be solved by reinstalling the software or by rebooting the system and printer before attempting the driver installation again. But sometime, it is required to uninstall the previous installation and reinstall the HP Driver Software so that the printer can perform better.


PROBLEM: Sometime windows send print jobs to the wrong printer and it happens when windows select a default printer by itself.

SOLUTION: Solution of this problem is depended on the type of windows. You can contact HP Customer Support to get the solution according to your windows.


PROBLEM: The problem could occur if envelope’s weight and thickness is above 20-Ib paper or glue on the envelope is not capable to resist the heat putting by the fuser while printing the page. The problem could also arise if the envelope is not properly fold or curved in shape for the paper path.

SOLUTION: You need to use envelops that must be below 20-lb in weight with proper thickness and also ensure that the gum on the envelope should be capable to resist the heat that the fuser puts while printing the page. If you are getting wrinkles on your envelope while printing then maybe the envelope is not properly bent or fold for the paper path. You need to open the rear part of the printer and let them out of location instead.


PROBLEMIt is one of the common problems of the HP Printers. Sometime you can get error message like “The Print Spooler Service Is Not Running” while trying to get a print. If you continuously print the pages even after getting the message, the print spooler service will start crashing the windows automatically.

SOLUTION: Go to the ‘Start’ button and follow the ‘Run’ option. Search and visit the Service Windows where you need to find out the ‘Print Spooler’ option on the right hand side. Then select the “restart” button. On restarting your computer, give a command to test the print.


PROBLEM: This error messages indicates a problem with the power supply. This problem could occur if the printer is connected to the UPS or power strip. Another reason may be that all components in the printer are not seated well.

SOLUTION: This error message generally occurs when the power cord of the printer is plugged into the UPS or power strip. So you need to disconnect it from the UPS or Power strip and connect to the main power supply.  If it still doesn’t work then call HP Customer Support .


PROBLEM: If your printer is giving you light or spotty prints then maybe the ink cartridge is either dried up or clogged up.

SOLUTION: You have to remove the ink toner/cartridge from the printer and then take a soft cloth. Dip it into alcohol or hot water. Against the printer head and underside the nozzle of the printer, rub the soft cloth cautiously. This will soften the ink cartridge. Then take a print to test if the problem is solved.


PROBLEM: The error message 10 indicates the Supplies Memory Error. This problem can occur due to various reasons and it depends upon the HP Printer model.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem you need to shut down your printer and unplug it from the power outlet. After this, wait for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter switch on the printer and let it warm up correctly. Then give a command and check if printer is working properly.

By reading the article, hopefully you will be able to solve some common problems related to your HP Printer. If you couldn’t solve the issues related to your HP Printer, please feel free to contact HP Printer Technical Support

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