HP Wireless Printer Support

The usage of mobile and wireless technology has rapidly grown in the past one decade. These technologies also change the way printers function. There is a number of diverse and unique HP printer models designed to meet high end printing needs of the customers.  There are ample printers available in different styles and models offering world class printing features. However, these printers may face errors, bugs and issues. Here’s when you can dial our HP support number and get your printer quickly fixed.

We are a dedicated third party printer support service provider offering highly affordable support services. Here are some of common printer issues we provide instant support for:

HP Wireless printer issues

Surely, wireless printers are very flexible and beneficial for mobile printing. However, the list of problems and issues associated with wireless printer is huge. Customers often face different problems like:

  • The printer doesn’t print
  • Mobile devices won’t get connected to the printer
  • Wifi-based printing is disabled or takes too long
  • Quality of print is extremely poor
  • Frequent paper jams
  • Other connectivity issues

These are the most common wireless printer issues and we offer high end support services for resolving these issues in a short duration or almost instantly. For troubleshooting such common issues, you can perform some basic checks and solutions listed below:

  • Restart your computer and then print
  • Check your router settings and configuration before printing
  • Check the printer drivers and softwares. Reinstall these softwares and update on regular basis
  • Place your printer in close proximity with the router
  • Clean the nozzle head and printing head
  • Check your scanner software when printer gets jammed or scanner turns off

These are the basic troubleshooting steps you can perform for repairing your printer. If you are unable to sort any wireless printer issues, connect with us at HP Printer support number and our certified technicians will help you troubleshoot your basic-complex wireless printer issues with their technical expertise.

HP Print job stuck

Print job stuck is one of the common issues in wired or wireless printers. When the windows print job gets stuck in the printing queue, the printer stop printing.  The stuck job also cannot be cancelled or deleted and thus, it also prevents the other jobs in the queue from getting printed. In such scenarios, taking troubleshooting steps like removing the papers, correcting paper jam or restarting the printer won’t work.

As a solution, you need to drag your attention on the printing queue. You can clear the print spooler while deleting the printing documents and restarting the printing process again. This will refresh your printing environment and will help you print documents as per the queue. For resolving these issues, perform the following steps:

  • Turn off your printer and remove the cord from plug
  • Open services and with a right click on the print spooler, choose the close button and close the spooler
  • After stopping the spooler, delete the files in the spooler folder. The path is c:\windows\system32\Spool\PRINTERS
  • Shutdown your computer and post 1 minute, turn it on

Try printing the jobs after this process. If you are still not able to print the papers, you can try reinstalling or updating the drivers. If your printer does not get recognized, get help from our proactive HP drivers support team. Sometimes, the printer doesn’t print jobs due to issues in the drivers and softwares. You can connect with us for installing the latest/ updated drivers and get your printer repaired.

Paper jams in HP printer

We get a number of queries everyday on fixing the paper or printer jam issue. It is common to encounter a printer/paper jam once in a while. In such a scenario, pulling the papers from the end will damage the printer. You can simply pull back the papers you inserted, but only if the papers are not badly jammed.  When the paper is skewed or damaged, when the paper tray gets full, if the paper gets torn in middle of printing, if the supply or output tray is too full or when the printer has some obstacle preventing the printer from printing; paper jams can occur.

Here are some steps you can follow to clear this paper jam:

  • Turn the printer off and remove the cord
  • Open the real access door and remove the jammed paper smoothly
  • If the paper doesn’t come out, remove it from the rear opening and also remove the other papers from supply tray and output tray
  • Install all the parts in the machine properly, connect the cord and switch on the printer

If you are still unable to repair the jam, call our HP printer support assistant and get step-by-step guidance to clear all the paper jam issues and smoothly get your documents printed.

Copy and scan quality of HP printer

Sometimes, the quality of scanned documents or printed document gets degraded. There are numerous reasons due to which, the printers provide low quality scanning or printing. You need to improve the quality of printing when the images appear blurred, there are white vertical straps appearing on the printed or scanned documents, black dots appear on the paper, text is blurred and clumsy, printed or scanned copies are too dark or too light.

Some of the basic solutions for improving the quality of printer are:

  • Cleaning the scanning glass
  • Choosing the compatible and high quality media devices
  • Replacing the cartridge
  • Adjust and change the printer settings like adjusting colour contrast

Even after performing these basic changes, if your printer doesn’t provide high quality prints, then grab your phone and call HP technical support for detailed assistance. We provide rigorous diagnosis and promising solutions for all your printer related issues. We have dedicated channels and support assistants to offer quick response to our customers.

HP Printer printing blank pages

Are you also facing the issue where your printer is printing blank pages? This may happen if you have selected the wrong paper size. Also if you forgot to change the printer setting or your printer nozzle is clogged, the printer can print blank pages. Here are the basic fixes you can try:

  • Use high quality cartridges
  • Check the ink levels
  • Replace the empty cartridges
  • Align the papers properly in printing tray

In case your printer doesn’t print normally after following these steps, you can reach us and browse our HP printer setup services to get proper solution. Our technicians are well versed with solving and fixing such complex printer flaws.

HP Drivers download issue

It is highly recommended to update and install the latest drivers for your printer for hassle free printing. You can get the drivers compatible to your printer model on the website or you can also enjoy world class support services from HP drivers support team. Our driver support team analyse and diagnose your driver related issues and provide links, step-by-step to download and install the printer drives and run the drivers for quality printing.

While printing documents, you may face issues like printing error message and driver errors. You can download the compatible and latest drivers from the website and install it for printing. Verify your model and check for the compatible drivers. Download it from the website and run it. If you are unable to search for the right drivers, connect our technicians and our team will help you with the download link and steps.

HP Printer offline issue

Sometimes when you want to print, your printer shows a ‘printer offline’ message on screen which can cause trouble for you. There are so many reasons for the printer to get offline. If your printer is unable to connect with the network, the printer is powered down or your wifi-printing is disabled, you can perform some easy steps to get the printer online.

You can perform some basic quick fixes:

  • Perform a reboot
  • Check if the printer is connected to the device
  • Go to devices and printing and click on printer
  • Remove the check mark from Use Printer Offline
  • You can also open the trouble-shooter form control panel and perform troubleshooting

These are the common steps you can perform for troubleshooting the ‘printer offline’ issue. You can also connect with our team specialized in HP printer setup. Our team members will help you get your printer online and get your documents printed.

We offer quick and cost free response to our valued customers. You can call us and get your different printer related issues solved. Our technicians follow the process of analysis, problem diagnosis, offering step-by-step solution for your problem until the problem is fixed completely.