If Your Small Business Payroll Is Painful, You Need Help


Your payroll is painful IF:

  • You’re manually calculating payroll checks each pay period
  • You occasionally forget to make the dreaded payroll tax deposits or payments and incur penalties and interest
  • Your payroll tax returns are filed late or you’re paying someone a lot of money to prepare them
  • You don’t know what the New Hire Reporting Act is
  • You don’t offer direct deposit to your employees
  • You must take time to reprint or compile pay stub information for your employees (i.e., when they’re trying to buy a car, rent an apartment, or buy a house)
  • You’re not always sure how to handle employee garnishments
  • Your W-2′s are done manually

Have you heard enough yet?

My real point is that payroll will not generate sales for you (unless you happen to run a payroll company).

Using a payroll system or service does not always require you to spend tons of money.   Just make sure to shop around for the best fit for your company.

During my 18+ years as an accountant, I’ve used many other payroll services  and they work great.   Since my blog is named “Quickbooks Nashville”,  I will obviously mention the payroll products and services offered by Quickbooks.

Here’s a link where you can go and compare their products and services:

Personally, I prefer the Quickbooks Online Payroll.  You can access it from anywhere and you don’t need the Quickbooks software to use it.   Try the payroll system here!

If you need help selecting the right payroll solution, please feel free to email me. I would be more than happy to help.