Install Internet Browser

Is your browser not working? Are there flash player issues? Are you facing web browser security issues? Worry no more; Zenius PC Support is here to help you out. In this article we will give you tips and guides to install the three most popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Google chrome is the Google web browser, Mozilla Firefox is the browser by Mozilla Corporation and Internet Explorer is the web browser by Microsoft.

How to Install Google Chrome?

Go to this link and download latest version of Google Chrome.
In case of Windows, click “Save” or “Run” after double clicking the downloaded file, the installation procedure will start. You will be prompted to choose Chrome as the default browser, on opening it for the first time. Your web history and other browser settings would be imported automatically from your default browser.
For Mac, you need to open the “Google Chrome.dmg” file post the download. Then drag your Chrome icon to the application folder. This installs chrome for all user accounts on your system. If you don’t have administrator rights to the system, drag it to a location of the system you have rights to access. Click on the “Open” option of the Finder while opening the browser for the first time. Then Chrome will prompt you to choose the default browser when you open it for the first time. Then you need to unmount the disk image of Chrome and Eject it into the Dock.
In case of Linux, click “Ok” and then “Install Package” to install chrome. Then Chrome will prompt you to choose the default browser when you open it for the first time. Then click on “Start Google Chrome”. To open Chrome, click on “Applications”, then “Internet” and then select “Google Chrome”. The repository of Google Chrome would be added to the package manager of your system so that it is kept up to date.

How to Install Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser from Mozilla Corporation. To install Mozilla Firefox, go to this link and download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. After downloading, go to the location of the download and double click on the .exe file. The installation wizard opens and guides you through the installation process. You need to agree to the license and also accept the default settings. You can also download the various extensions of Mozilla Firefox from this link

How to reinstall Internet Explorer?

There is no need to download internet explorer. It comes along with Microsoft Windows Operating System. Windows Internet Explorer 9 is the most recent version of Internet Explorer. It was previously available for UNIX and Mac but was discontinued since 2002 and 2005 respectively. If you have accidentally uninstalled or altered the settings in a way that it is not working, you will need to reinstall or repair internet explorer. To reinstall do the following:

  • Double click to open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Internet Explorer and select “Tools” from the top level menu bar
  • Then select Internet Options and go to the “Advanced” tab
  • There you will see an option to reset the settings to default condition
  • Click on that “Reset” button and the default settings will be restored

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