Install Microsoft Office

Need help with Microsoft Office? Getting error messages during the installation process? Need help to upgrade Microsoft office? If you already have earlier versions of Microsoft Office Installed in your system then you need not install Office, but upgrade it to a newer version. Installation is only required once.  Here we would guide you on how to install MS office 2013:


As internet usage has increased the way we install programs has been changing. Microsoft Office now does not come on the disc. You would have to purchase as well as download the copy online.


You are buying a product key when you are purchasing a copy of Microsoft Office. This key would allow you to download the install files.


Normally one gets a box with a DVD. Download the Office install file. Once you have the product key, download the copy of Office from the Microsoft website. You would have to enter the key in order to access downloads.


Start the process of installation. If you have a DVD then insert it and the installation option would automatically appear. If Office has been downloaded then run file which was downloaded and start installation.


If the installation is not from the DVD then installer program would download files that has to be installed. You would have to stay connected to the net during installation process.


Enter the product key. You have used it to download the installer but it has to be entered again during the install process. You would not be given the links to buy one if you do not have the key.


Choose the features that you wish to install. The features would vary depending on the edition of Office you have bought.