Install Microsoft Outlook

Are you an active email user? If so then you would find Outlook to comparatively powerful.  Just install it, enter in your email account information and start receiving and sending emails in minutes. Microsoft Outlook is an integrated compendium for managing your email, appointments, contacts and documents. It comes with an address book, calendar, notebook, task manager, email interface and also a web browser.

Avail the following features of Outlook:

  • Sync your Outlook email to your Contacts or Calendar directly
  • Add dates to your mails, which would be synced to your calendar
  • Enhanced protection from phishing mails
  • Avail their in-built e-mail scanner
  • Get options to block senders and disable live links
  • You will get notifications for appointments or tasks
  • Get one search function for all Outlook programs
  • Share calendar with chosen recipients
  • Create and manage Online Calendars for key clients
  • Link your Outlook Software to your phone.
  • Link your Online Outlook account to your phone

You can setup Microsoft Outlook 2010. It provides enhanced features like condensing chain mails, mail tips alert, easy mail account configuration, Office backstage view, integration of multiple calendars as well as address books and mail accounts, new use friendly contact cards, web app and mobile app.

How to set up Microsoft Outlook?

To configure the Microsoft outlook email settings of this software (for Outlook 2007), you need to follow these steps:
Open Outlook. Go to Tools

Select “Account Settings” from the drop down menu

You will see several tabs like Email, Data Files, RSS Feeds, Share Point Lists, Internet Calendar, Published Calendars,  Address Books
Select Email from that tab

Then choose “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”. Click “Next”

You will get a list of three options: Internet Email, Microsoft Exchange and Other

Select “Internet Email” from the list and click “Next”

Then enter the name your mail id would show in “Your Name”

Then in “Email Address” enter the mail address

In Account Type, choose POP3 from the drop down list. Then enter for Incoming Mail server

Enter for Outgoing mail server (SMTP). Then enter full mail address in User Name and the password of your choice

In case you want Outlook to memorize your password, check the Remember Password box

Then click on More Settings. You will get various tabs like: General, Folders, Outgoing Server, Connection, Advanced

Click on Outgoing Server. Check SMTP that requires authentication

Then check ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’

Then click on the Advanced tab in the same dialog box

Enter 110 in Incoming Server (POP3)

Enter 587 in Outgoing Server (SMTP)

Then click on Ok>>Next>>Finish

Looking for help with setting up Outlook? Having problem with the technical patois? Call or mail us immediately. We will provide you with a complete Microsoft Outlook setup guide for email, calendar, taskbar, address book, contacts books.
At Zenius PC Support, our remote tech assistance team can help you set up MS outlook in your system. It is an adept solution for organizing your mail, contacts and tasks simultaneously.