Install Outlook Express

At Zenius PC Support, our remote tech support team is there to help you out with any issues related to Microsoft Outlook Express. We provide a one stop solution for setup, installation, troubleshooting and update of Outlook Express.

Why set up Microsoft Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is the email client with POP3 account type and is IMAP compatible. It comes with Internet Explorer 4 and 5 versions in Windows Operating System. If you only need an email setup and access to various newsgroups, then this is the perfect software for your system.
The main advantage of setting up Outlook Express is that you can login and access your mails even in offline mode. This is unlike other email service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) which require access to internet. This is because this software has a program that connects to your account automatically and downloads your mails when you are online.
The advantages of using Outlook Express in a nutshell are:

  • Access to emails in offline mode
  • Integrated view of emails for multiple accounts
  • Duplicates of your mails in your system to prevent permanent loss of important information due to accidental deletion or      account getting hacked
  • Settings to activate retention of an email copy in the server

How to set up Microsoft Outlook Express?

To setup Microsoft Outlook email account, you would first need to start the program. Following is a guide for Outlook Express mail setup:

  • Go to the Start button and click
  • Place the cursor on All Programs
  • Then left click Outlook Express
  • A dialog box may appear asking you whether this account should start automatically, you can select yes or no based on your      preference
  • Then check the option : When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox

After the program starts, you can set up Microsoft Outlook email. However to configure outlook express you need to know the name of the incoming or outgoing email server, the type of email server, the account name and password and whether you need SPA(Secure Password Authentication) in order to access your account. You need to contact your Internet Service Providers for the details. The following steps will show you how to set up outlook express:


  • Go to the tools menu
  • Click on Accounts (in case the Internet Connection Wizard commences, you may skip the next two steps)
  • Left click on the option Add
  • Select Mail from the drop down menu
  • Type your full name or nickname in the Your Name page (note that this is the name your recipients will see in the mail)
  • Type your mail address in the Internet Explorer Address Page and click Next
  • In the Email server names page, you need to enter the name of your incoming and outgoing mail server and the mail server      type and click Next
  • Type in your email id and password in the Internet Mail logon page comes
  • In case you want your password to be memorized by the software check the “Remember password” box
  • Then click Next
  • Finally click Finish to close the wizard

Why Zenius PC Support?

Zenius PC Support provides you complete assistance for using outlook express. Our remote tech support team is online round the clock to address your queries and troubleshoot any software problems.
We will help you with:

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  • Installation of all Microsoft Office security patches
  • 24*7 online customer help and support
  • Multiple service packages to suit your requirement


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