Install Windows OS

Need any help in installing Windows Operating System? Are you confused about which version of Windows to install? Need information regarding the latest Windows Operating System? Contact us. At Zenius PC Support, we provide complete assistance with installation of Windows (all versions) and troubleshooting any installation or operating problems. Our Windows computer support service covers everything, from upgrading, installing and assisting you in end user operations so that you enjoy uninterrupted optimized PC performance.

How to Install Windows OS?

Before installing Windows, you should check whether your hardware is compatible with the OS requirements or not. Visit to find out whether you have all the system requirements for the Windows version you are installing.

Windows XP vs. Windows 7 Operating System

Windows undoubtedly stands as a first choice in case of Operating Systems for most users. Windows XP was launched by Microsoft on 24th August 2001. It has a home as well as business version. Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft on 22nd July, 2009. Shutting down and booting the system takes less time in 7 than in XP. Besides the file transfer is a lot faster in Windows 7 than Windows XP. Furthermore, the idle memory usage is much less in Windows 7 than in Windows XP. So far it seems that Windows 7 is a much better choice than XP. Microsoft has decided to discontinue supporting Windows XP from the year 2014. You won’t be getting security patches and updates for Windows XP after 2014. This will make your system susceptible to new viruses, spywares and malwares.

Windows XP vs. Windows Vista OS

Windows Vista was launched by Microsoft on 22nd July, 2005. The initial performance tests on productivity areas between Windows XP and Vista revealed that XP is better than Vista. However the file copy operation is better in Vista, because in XP the dialogue box informing the copy is successful comes long before the file has been entirely copied. Thus, if the user removes the storage device before the file when the dialogue box is being displayed, then there would be problems with the copying process. Also in terms of security, Vista is much better than XP. Windows Vista has user accounts controls that restricts unauthorized applications and changes to system settings. Vista also has more visual styles than Windows XP.

Why Zenius PC Support?

Zenius PC Support believes in consistent value delivery to customers. Our certified technicians will provide you assistance in installing Windows 98, XP, Vista and 7. Whatever be the nature of your problem with Windows software, our technicians are there for you 24*7, all days of the year.

Service Highlights:

  • We have remote computer support services 24*7
  • Comprehensive Windows Operating System Support (Installation, Maintenance, Updating, Troubleshooting, Upgrading)
  • Our IT support team would provide you remote guidance for your computer maintenance and repair
  • Our tech support experts are highly trained and online round the clock to handle your queries

We provide you with instant solutions to any of your computer problems