Integrate and Connect QuickBooks® Online with Shopify


Intuit, the creator of QuickBooks, has taken an important step of integration of the accounting software QuickBooks with Shopify. The question is why the company has done this. It is actually an expansion drive in the area of eCommerce and the prime focus is on the merchants dealing with the small businesses. The main aim of this type of integration is systematizing as per the particular way both accounting and automatic expense tracking. During the time of the process of integration, it gives birth to the data-driven analysis of a particular business idea.

If you are interested in gaining further knowledge regarding the integration process, we are here to help you with certified techniques. We, as a 3rd party tech support service provider, will make it simple for you to get the feature integrated with increased accuracy.

By this process of integration of the two, the merchants handle the accounts now by a toll that far exceeds in power that was there without this integration process. This more powerful instrument that has been created by fusion deals with the areas like creation of sales receipts, seeing the balance sheets, reports regarding the behavior of the customer. If you are still unable to understand the idea of integration for the benefit of a small merchant as far as the accounting area is concerned, you can have a chat with our QuickBooks technician or you can dial the Online QuickBooks Support number. This important number is mentioned on the home page of our website.

QuickBooks online has encompassed numbers of small-businesses across the globe; so far it has exceeded 0.2 million. These merchants across the globe can have access to the customer service offered by QuickBooks and for this. Though the process makes all the transactions easy and convenient, however, you should always be aware of some technical glitches that can damage your financial transactions.

Take the following steps before you go for the integration process:

  • First and foremost, you need to register on Shopify. By this, you can be sure about the clarity of the sales report.
  • Select the products that you want to integrate with Shopify.
  • Keeping the data protection at the back is very crucial during this process. You need to keep a back-up of both the data as well as the products. It is important before the integration process is turned on.

The important needs for integration:

  • Shopify account that has genuine credibility.
  • Log in details

What to do for the integration process?

Sign up for the particular plan by registering an account with QuickBooks online. After registering an account with Shopify, set a date range for sales and for orders, you have to do an integration with Shopify accounts.

After this, you can commence the shifting of the Shopify data files to QuickBooks online as per the needs. Once the integration process is completed, do make a check about the preservation and protection of the data files.

The fact is there are expected threats online.  Whatever is the case, in between and even after the integration process, you will feel the need for the QuickBooks technical support and our third-party company is here to provide the best at any point of time of the day or night.  If the technical issue develops during the process of integration, you can simply dial the online QuickBooks help support number. By dialing this number, it is going to benefit to a major extent as far as the smooth completion of the integration process is concerned.