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Internet Explorer Support Services

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Our technical support for Internet Explorer

Bonjour Support gives high-end solution for all your technical need for Internet explorer. Most often, we encountered, users faced many difficulties while pop-up blocker or enabling or disabling JavaScript. However, these are basic issues, which can be solved through simple navigation, if prompt professional help will be taken. Apart from this, there may be many reason of browser crashes, slowness, and downloading. We at Bonjour Support understand your need and offer you best solution at minimum price. Just call to Internet explorer help number and liaison with our Internet explorer help team right now. We provide end to end Internet explorer support.


Key features of IE

  • Security- Built in security feature for Virus and malwares.
  • Reliability- Recovery on crashes, restore the data
  • Manageability- Easy navigation
  • Usability- Faster and easy to run, instant suggestion

Our range of services for IE

  • Complete support on installation to upgrade
  • Assistance on installing the Java
  • Help on changing Internet setting and reset the browser
  • Help on Pop up blocker
  • Aid on reopen and restoring browser session
  • Help to find keyboard shortcuts
  • Help on setting favorite and bookmarks
  • Security and protection assistance, smart screen filter
  • Help in managing and deleting browser history, cookies
  • Active x control assistance
  • How to use tracking protection?
  • Advice on Internet security virus set up
  • How to browse privately?
  • Help on clearing cache and cookies
  • Personalization of Internet explorer interference
  • Syncing IE with other window devices

Horizon of our services

  • One call assistance for all your technical need
  • High end tech service in less price
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Proactive professional approach