Internet Safety

Your computer is vulnerable to security threats even if you are spending small amount of time online. Identity thefts, virus attacks, keyloggers, Trojan horses, spyware and threats from other malicious software violate your privacy and make you a cybercrime victim. It is very important for online users to be aware of the internet security threats waiting to attack their system in the cyber world.

Few Computer Security Tips from Zenius PC Support

To keep your system secure, you must adopt secure browsing habits. Equip your system with the latest security features and take expert guidance to ensure you are operating in a secure online environment. Here are a few tips from Zenius PC Support, to help you operate in a secure environment:

  • Keep your firewall on always
  • Never operate online without antivirus protection
  • Have an antispyware installed in your system
  • Never open suspicious emails from unknown senders
  • Do not respond to mails giving you online work offers with payments which are too good to be true
  • Do not respond to mails claiming you have won a lottery or prize from unknown sources
  • Always create strong passwords which contain a combination of numbers, alphabets and symbols
  • Never link your business email to social sites or random newsgroups
  • Never make online transactions via public network
  • Never shop in random online sites, it can be a phishing trap to steal your credit card information
  • Remove unwanted and redundant software from your system
  • Avoid downloading random freeware

Why Zenius PC Support?

At Zenius PC Support, our security experts ensure maximum online security and protection. To empower our internet security program, we have designed advanced security software Zenius Defend. It gives your system comprehensive internet protection. We remotely access and check internet security status of your PC. Then our tech experts provide customized solutions to your security problems.

Service Highlights:

  • Get real time protection for viruses, spywares, adware, crawler or any other malicious software
  • Enjoy all round PC security
  • Enjoy secure online browsing experience
  • Comprehensive Internet Security support
  • Our IT support team would provide you remote guidance for your computer maintenance and repair
  • Minimum response time in the industry