Learn Easy Ways to Save Printing Cost with HP Printer


HP Printers offer one of the most innovative printing solutions as per the customize requirements of the users. However, it is fully equipped with latest amazing and interesting features to print documents at affordable costs.  But if you are using hp printer for printing a lot of copies per day and want to minimize its cost with top quality prints on various kinds of documents. Read below some important tips how to save cost and minimize the cost of printing various documents using HP printers.

Enable Duplexing Printing Mode-

HP printer has an amazing feature that it can print a document from both sides and to enable this feature, you have to activate duplexing mode that will print your document from both sides. If you do not have knowledge to enable this feature, you can take online help from HP printer technical support team immediately.

Print Black & White and Ignore Colored Printing-

With the comparison of black & white printing documents, colored printing documents need more amount of ink. Filling your cartridge continuously with toner will increase the whole cost of printing. So, turn off color print mode and set black & white mode by default if not you require a colored document for precise purpose.

Turn On Lesser DPI Resolution Printing

Almost of HP printers by default set at range of 600-900 DPI resolution to print any document in top quality. At this level of DPI, HP printer will consume more amount of ink while printing documents. Therefore, you need to set up hp printers at 300 DPI level to print documents at same time decreasing the cost.

Chosen Fonts that Consume Low inks-

Times Roman, Calibri and Verdana, Arial, Century Gothic fonts are the most preferred fonts that consume only 30 less quantity of ink to print any document. If you do not have such type of fonts, you need to install them just by taking help from printer experts.

Restrict color printing at smallest level-

When you use varied combination colors to print any document, this will increase your whole cost of printing as filling of color toners are expensive than black & white. Therefore, enable color track technology to control your color output and if you need any help call to hp printer repair service for help.

 Set “Shrink to Fit” option & Check Print Preview-

 Before giving print command, you set page at “Shrink to fit” button to ignore extra printing of document and produce documents properly aligned prints on each other. After this, you should check “print preview” to ignore printing extra pages of document have unneeded contents or prevent printing blank page. To use these features, you need to install hp printer drivers properly and customize its setting accordingly. For any technical error, call at toll free HP printer tech support number +1-800-736-7010 for quick help.