Lexmark Printer Not Working With Windows 10


After you upgrade the system to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, if your Lexmark printer doesn’t work at all or doesn’t print well, the Lexmark printer driver is most possibly damaged or conflicting with Windows 10. You can fix the problem by reinstalling and updating the Lexmark printer driver.

Microsoft suggests that Windows 10 will remove some application and software which are conflicting with the new operating system. This could arrive to Lexmark printer drivers.

Following are three ways you can use to update the Lexmark printer drivers in Windows 10.

Way 1: Update your Lexmark printer driver manually

Lexmark Printer Technical Support

You can go to Lexmark printer website to check if your Lexmark printer model supports Windows 10. If yes, you can download and install the Windows 10 driver for Lexmark printer. If not, you can download the newest version that the Lexmark printer has released like Windows 8 version or Windows 7 version. They may be suitable with Windows 10. The driver download can be commonly found in Support section. After you download the Lexmark printer driver, you can always double-click on the installer file to install the Lexmark printer driver.

For Lexmark printer, you need to update the drivers manually step by step.

Open Control Panel.
View by Small icons. Click Device Manager.
In Device Manager Window, allocate the printer device that you choice to update the driver for. For issue device, you can see a yellow mark next to the gadget name.
Following screenshot is the issue device with a yellow mark for your mention.

Lexmark Printer Technical Support

4 . Right click on the device name and choose Update Driver Software…

Lexmark Printer technical support

5 . In the pop-up window, you will see two options. It is suggested to select the first option Search automatically for updated driver software. Then follow the guidance to install the drivers. If you have driver files available on your computer, you can choose the second option Browse my computer for driver software.

Lexmark Printer technical support

Way 2: Use Windows Update for new drivers

Please refer to steps below how to use Windows Update in Windows 10 to update drivers.

1.Click Start menu and click Settings.

Lexmark Printer technical support

2.In Settings window, click Update & security.

Lexmark Printer technical support

3.In UPDATE & SECURITY, click Windows Update in the left pane.

Lexmark Printer technical support

Click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows looks for the newest updates for your computer.

Click the link that tells you optional updates are applicable. (If you don’t see this link, it means Windows Update didn’t find any updates for your computer.)
Choose the driver you want to install, click OK, and then click Install updates.
Way 3: Update Lexmark printer driver automatically