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Macbook Air Support

MacBook Air Support Services in USA

Macbook Air Chat Support, Since its inception, Apple updated their Macbook subsequently and launched Macbook Air in a similar fashion. MacBook Air is a compact, slim and more powerful than contemporary Mac. It has a more powerful processor and turbo boost, its LED-backlit widescreen display, multi-touch trackpad, Intel HD graphics and faces time HD camera distinguish it from the Macbook. It is available in silver color only. Designed for personal and business use, Macbook Air caters all the need. Zenius Support provides tech support for the Mac for very long, every day we encountered several technical issues and solve them instantly.

Our technical support to Macbook Air

Our technical support team serves Macbook Air related issues very efficiently, every day we received thousands of phone call for Mac assistance, we deliver the best class service to our customers. Zenius support has the vision to provide the best Macbook Air support among the market. Don’t get panic on your slow computer, just call our Macbook Air technical support team and get rid of your worries. Does not matter you are sitting in a home, office or in the restaurant, your reach to us is just called away.


MacBook Air comes with below configuration

  • Lightweight 1.08 kg
  • LED-backlit widescreen display
  • i5 and i7 processor, turbo boost up to 3.2 GHz
  • Long battery life, up to 9 hour
  • Up to 512GB flash storage
  • Intel HD graphic 6000

How do we support to Mac Air?

  • Support on window installation and application configuration
  • General troubleshooting while installation
  • Software compatibility in Mac
  • Customized system setting
  • Synchronization with other devices, I phone, I pad and I phone
  • Support on Password security and recovery
  • Connecting the various accessories
  • Back up and email setting help
  • Multiple display support for Mac Air
  • Help on defragmenting a hard drive
  • Assistance on removing junk files
  • Checking network connectivity
  • Router Wi-Fi and access point setting
  • Setting system interference setting
  • Application setting for ibook, iWeb, photo, and keynotes
  • Removing unnecessary application, which hinders PC performance
  • Assistance in setting firewall on browser

Why Zenius Group support?

  • One shop for your entire Mac book Air need
  • Less cost, more value delivery
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Instant support
  • Help from certified professionals
  • No sign-up needed
  • Online remote assistance
  • 24*7 Availability
  • Proactive approach on help
  • Basic and manual advice to run the PC