Malicious Software Removal

Any software that is designed to interrupt your computer’s normal processes by invading your privacy and gathering sensitive data via unauthorized access is known as Malware (short form of Malicious Software).


Viruses, Spywares, Trojan Horses, Worms, Rootkits, Adware, and Spyware, all are considered as malware. The various free spyware removal and free computer virus removal tools available online are sometimes malware in disguise. These will claim to rid your system from viruses and spywares However, these are malware themselves.


Tools like Best Virus Protection, Smart Fortress, Windows Secure Kit 2011, Antivirus Protection 2012, etc, are all malwares in disguise. They will initially pretend to scan your system. Then, they will show you alerts on non-existing viruses and fake security alerts to lure you into illegal transactions or to gather credit card or other sensitive information. Thus, it is very tricky to identify whether a free antivirus tool is actually a malware in disguise.


How to remove malware from your PC?

We suggest the following steps to detect and delete malware:

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL together in your keyboard and select Task Manager
  • Once Task Manager is open, you can see the directory of processes that are presently running in your system
  • (Other than Systems and System Idle Processes) Note down the processes which are unknown to you or seem suspicious
  • You can identify these processes by typing the process name in the search box of your computer
  • Once found in the search results, go to the folder file and right click to go to Properties, then select the Version Tab and you would be able to see which company this process belongs to ( for example Microsoft Corporation)
  • When there is no company name, then the process may be corrupted.


However, spyware and virus can still be there and your system may not be completely protected.

Please note that this is just a precautionary measure and does not provide 100% protection real time protection like anti-malware software.


Why Zenius PC Support?

In case of malware, there is no alternative to good antivirus or antispyware software.

Malware lead to problems like file corruption or deletion, system malfunctioning, hard drive crash, etc. They can permanently damage your system and gather credit card info from your online purchase data.

Therefore, in case of malware support, you should always go to trusted services that provide you not only software for download, but also customized online assistance to your queries.

At Zenius PC Support, we believe in creating trusted and value-based relationships with our customers. You can call us or post your query anytime to check our service pattern and response time.


Our services include:

  • Remote online tech support
  • Expert tech assistance for malware removal
  • 24*7 customer support service


You can avail our monthly scheme and verify yourself the effectiveness of our service.


Our malware removal service includes an advanced software called Zenius Defend (availability depends on subscribed package).


Zenius Defend has following features:

  • Complete protection from viruses, spywares, Trojan Horses, etc
  • Ensures full fledged protection of your computer
  • Ensures your computer performance is up to the mark.


DO NOT download virus and spyware removal tools randomly from any website. It will risk your computer’s security.


We, at Zenius PC Support welcome you to experience our online computer support services at economical rates. Avail our services and simplify your digital life.

Service Highlights:

  • We have remote computer support services 24*7
  • Our certified technicians will uninstall all malware from your system via our advanced malware removal programs
  • Get real time protection from viruses, spywares, adware, crawler or any other malicious software
  • Enjoy all round PC security
  • Enjoy secure online browsing experience
  • We can fix any kind of problem you are experiencing with your computer
  • Our IT support team would provide you remote guidance for computer maintenance and repair
  • We have certified and highly trained computer tech support experts
  • We provide instant solution to any computer problem