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Microsoft Office Setup – The first essential thing you need, to get started with your Microsoft Office installation is the unique valid product key code. Now visit setup and we will help you out with the setup of the entire installation process of Microsoft Office product online.

Need Help For Microsoft Office Setup And Installation?

Are you new to Microsoft Office product or facing some challenges with the Office Setup? If yes, don’t worry. What all you need is the product key code and here you are ready for the installation process of your Microsoft Office Setup. Once you have the product key code type website into your web browser and press enter and wait for the magic to happen. For more information about how you can proceed with the next setup step, please go thoroughly through the guide provided below. Microsoft office setup, ms office setup, tech support for ms office setup, ms office setup tech support, ms office setup tech support toll free number, ms office setup tech support customer care, technical support for Microsoft office, ms office tech support call usa, Microsoft setup, Microsoft office tech support phone number, Microsoft tech support phone number for windows 7, phone numbers for the Microsoft office, Microsoft Office customer phone number, Microsoft tech support phone number for windows 8, Microsoft tech support phone number for windows 10, Microsoft office tech support customer care number, Microsoft office technical support helpline, Microsoft office 365 tech support, Microsoft office 2003 tech support, Microsoft office customer service telephone number, Microsoft office customer service phone number, Microsoft office customer service toll free number, toll free number for ms office, ms office setup toll free number

Microsoft Office Technical Support Phone Number

How you can proceed with Microsoft Office Setup online-

  • 1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is, go to and redeem your product key. Don’t forget to select the language, you are comfortable working with. Now, if you already have an account in My Office, sign in at and proceed with your existing Microsoft account, else if you don’t have one such account in My Office, no problem, create one new account. Then continue with the same Microsoft login credentials to sign in to your My Office account.
  • 2. Now once you are done with step one, and you have successfully logged in to the account, select Install button of your product once and then once again select the Install button. What happens next is, the 32- bit version of Office gets installed in your PC, by default. The language remains the same that you selected while you redeemed the product key code. But there might be a problem with users using 64- bit machines. In that case first select 64- bit and then select the language, and here you are ready for the next step.
  • 3. If you are using Internet explorer, when you click on install button, a pop-up with “Run” option will come up. Click “Run” and the file will automatically get downloaded and will install. But if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you will get both the options to “Save” as well as “Run”. First save the file and once it gets fully downloaded open it manually and run the installation.
  • 4. After the installation is complete, you will be notified saying that, “You’re all set! Office is installed now”. Soon after this an animated video will guide you showing how you can find the office applications on your computer. Now follow the instructions in the pop up window, step by step, like Click Start>All Apps, to find out where your apps are, and select Close.

Microsoft Office Tech Support Phone Number

*Note: May be while installing your Microsoft Office 365, you can come across message like, “Stop, you should wait to install Office 2016”. Don’t get panicked seeing this. It simply indicates there might be some compatibility issues, the installation process has found, with something else installed on your PC. In such situation, feel free to contact our support person via online live chat and we would love to solve all your queries and help you out.

Need help from our Experts to help you with your Office Setup procedure Online?

We are always here, 24*7, to help you with the complete procedure to Download Microsoft Office Online and fix your MS Office Setup related issues. Not only that, we can even guide you step by step, with how you can get started with your new Microsoft Office 2016, once you install it successfully in your PC. So don’t wait and waste your time, instead login to our site and type in whatever issues you are facing regarding your MS Office, via our live chat online, and we would be happy to answer.

Microsoft Office Technical Support Phone Number

Still thinking how we can help you with your Office setup issues? Here’s how.

  • We will help you with your new account creation, or with how you can restore your old account.
  • We will guide you and help you with the Microsoft Office set up and the product usage.
  • Will find out the compatibility issues, if any, and fix it.
  • We can even rightly configure and optimize your machine, so that it runs smoothly and get better speed with installed applications such as Office.
  • If required, we are also ready to troubleshoot any virus related issue.

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MS Office Setup Tech Support Customer Care Number

The growth of personal computers has ensured that work can be done in an effective way where software are present to do most of the computing and make the work environment less hassle free. Thus Microsoft has developed quality office products which work well in all types of offices. Each program is made to serve a different purpose.

Each program is conducive to a different program, like in educational environments assignment tracking and keeping records are essential. In retail, data is analyzed and inventory is made. For sales offices, presentations are developed a lot to be shown to the client. To get started with the Microsoft Office Installation, you must need an applicable product key code. The entire process is visible online in Microsoft office setup help in your web browser. A few basic programs that you need to install are Microsoft Word (a processing application, used to write reports, research papers and any page related information), PowerPoint (a presentation application with a variety of background styles which allows insertion of media files, interface is easy to use), Excel (a spreadsheet application that allows users to enter formula for calculations and converts data).

There is a guide for setup and if you want to set it up online, you can create an account, sign in and follow the steps one after the other. Install the product and save the file. Follow the instruction carefully to avoid any errors. Any issue can be directed in the site’s comment section.

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