Microsoft® Support to Export Outlook Tasks to Google Calendars


Managing important dates and specific information is feasible with Google Calendars. Google Calendar incorporates a good number of tools and features that can assist you in scheduling meetings and appointments in the calendar. iPhone and Android users can conveniently reach to their personal targets by using Google Calendar feature. Google provides a tool to sync data from Microsoft Outlook on your computer system. The sync tool can import tasks to your Google Calendar in a flawless manner. You can dial Outlook helpdesk phone number for Google apps sync for Microsoft outlook. The phone number will help you to get technical support from a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

In case some of your tasks are saved in the MS Outlook task list and want to export it into Google Calendars, you need to consult a certified Outlook technician for exporting tasks from MS Outlook to Google Calendars.

How to export tasks from MS Outlook to Google Calendars?

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook or ‘Start’ menu. Then go to the ‘File’ menu option and select ‘Import/Export’.
  • You need to choose ‘Export to a File’ from the list of choices, and opt for ‘Comma Separated Values (DOS).’ If you need to install a translator, then do the same via following a Windows installation process in a proper manner.
  • Choose ‘Tasks’ and opt for the ‘Desktop’ as the folder to correctly save the file into, and then type the name for the file.
  • You need to click the ‘Finish’ button for exporting the ‘Tasks’ file to the desktop. This manner, all of the items saved in the ‘Tasks’ features of Microsoft Outlook will be exported to the file.
  • Then you need to open a web browser and continue to Google Calendar. You need to enter your Gmail ID and password for signing into Google Calendar.
  • Hit ‘Add’ on the right side of the ‘Other calendars’ pane of Google Calendar and select ‘Import calendar’.
  • Press the ‘Browse’ key and go to the desktop of your PC. You need to double-click the task file for uploading it to Google Calendar.
  • Lastly, hit the ‘Import’ button. All of the items stored in the ‘Tasks’ file will be easily imported into your Google Calendar.

It will be quite beneficial for you to take the technical support of Google apps sync from a certified team of Outlook technicians. With its help, you will obtain a quality tech support for Google Calendars. It is noted that Outlook support service page  offers Google app sync for outlook 2016.

To get dependable Microsoft Support to Export Outlook tasks to Google Calendars, you need to get connected to the company’s technician. You can dial Outlook help phone number for receiving the culminating Outlook tech support.