Modem Setup

Setting up your modem can be time consuming and troublesome. Even with the manuals and installation guides, there may be hundreds of things that can go wrong resulting in wastage of your time and effort. Whatever types of network you are operating in, if you want internet connection or simple file sharing between peripheral systems, modem setup is essential. Most of the times you get error messages while installation. There can be various reasons for such errors, for example, hardware failure, multiple programs accessing network, security issues, system memory issues, etc.


However through proper guidance you can install your own modem if you follow the steps given below:


Ensure that the modem can work with the service provider. Instances might popup that it is not compatible with the internet service available in your area.


The type of modem depends on the internet connection. If the connection is DSL, you would require a DL modem. If you are using cable then you need a cable modem. Fiber optic connections do not require modems.


Check whether the modem is compatible with operating system. Most of them work with all operating systems. If you are using a router, then you need not worry about operating system compatibility.


Every modem is different so you should carefully read the instructions given in the manual as we are giving general steps on how to set up this device.


First place the modem in a location which has good air circulation as well as away from devices which has devices interfering with signals.


If you are using DSL modem then you would have to install filters into a phone line.


Just power the modem on. After connecting it to the service source, power it on by plugging it and pressing the power button if required. Wait till the modem boots up completely. Power light has to be solid and the connection light should be blinking as the modem has not been yet activated.


Connect the system to the modem. Use an Ethernet cable; connect system to WAN or internet port on the back of the modem. This would connect the system to the internet. Wireless network can be set up after modem after the modem has been activated.


Start activation process. Depending on the modem and service provider you would have to set up program prior to using the modem. There are cases where you would have to activate the service with the on screen prompts.