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Our technical support for Mozilla Firefox

Surfing is easy and enjoyable if all the tools and features of browser will be used wisely. The common phenomena is using the browser is now entirely changed; now your browser remember everything. Browser suggests you on search queries and favorite page. It can be fully customized as per the users need, the essential add on can be added instantly. You just need a professional support to get all these things. We at Bonjour Support trained our Mozilla Firefox help professionals in such a way, so they can understand your need, don’t get annoyed, just call us our Mozilla Firefox Support and get instant help.


Call Zenius Support for Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox, then make a most of it by exploring many embedded features. Surely it will make your work much easier.

Our range of services for Mozilla Firefox

  • Complete support on installation
  • Assistance on installing the Java script
  • Help on changing internet setting and tab browsing
  • Help on Pop up blocker and flash player
  • Aid on reopen and restoring browser session
  • Help to find keyboard shortcuts
  • Help on setting favorites and bookmark
  • Security and protection assistance, setting a firewall
  • Help in managing and deleting browser history, cookies
  • How to use protection?
  • Advice on internet security virus set up
  • Help in private browsing and ad manager set up
  • Help on clearing cache and cookies
  • Personalizing the interference as per user needs.
  • Third party cookie blocking support
  • Help in synchronization

Key features of Mozilla Firefox

  • Much faster JavaScript
  • Lively bookmark
  • Best phishing and malware protection
  • Intuitive interface and download manager
  • Upgraded add on manager

Horizon of our services

  • One call assistance for all your technical need
  • High end tech service in less price
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Proactive professional approach