NTFS/FAT Recovery

NTFS/FAT Recovery

Natural disaster, malware and accidental are all threats to data. However not only data back but even data recovery should be updated. Your PC would not warn you that it would crash some day. So there is a possibility of losing several files some day. Zenius PC Support experts would provide few instructions which would help you to develop a routine that would match system requirements.


  • Implement an effective backup routine:Do make a copy of all your important documents that includes tax, important documents, pictures, videos and photos. A system backup would help you to recover quickly from any catastrophe. This would take time but the applications and operating system can be installed from original discs and Windows would run even after you reloading it.


  • Create partition for easy backup:If you create new partition for data then back up is easy and safe as overwriting of files can be avoided when Windows are reinstalled. You can make use of C: drive for operating system; create a new partition say D: drive for all applications, another partition say E: drive for business data, and yet another named in F: drive for sound, image and video files.


  • ‘My documents’:If you want to keep using ‘My Documents’ folder as major file repository then relocate folder outside Windows partition. You should have multiple copies as well as sites. This is because media can ditch you and you would not like to lose anything with your PC as well. You can make use of several sets of DVDs, CDs and other media and allow the size of job to decide the media.


  • External storage medium:DVD is a good backup medium. This involves swapping of disc so you would have to stay initially while backing up. You can also use USB thumb drive. It is portable and can protect vital data. Ensure that it is encrypted guarding it against snooping.


  • First backup:The first backup is very important as it is the base for all the following ones. You can execute the software and choose partitions or folder and files. Do not neglect items like address book, e-mail and calendar. In order to maintain privacy encrypt as well as password protect it. You can save space by compressing it. Do verify whether that all data has been copied. After making the base one reduce your time as well as space needs by enduring with differential backups that include all data that has changed since the actual one or incremental backups which is inclusive of changed data since the last one. The incremental one is quick and requires less space. Never ever overwrite the base backup. However it can be done in case of incremental and differential backups after making the new ones.


Backup can be done offline and online. Offline backup is the usage of local and offline data storage like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, tape drives, USB thumb drives, memory cards and more. Online backup is a type of remote backup offsite these days. Both these types have their pros and cons. As far as offline is concerned it is quick, can be easily accessed, safe and mobile. However it does have its rough side. It is prone to natural disasters, theft, hard drive and tape backup failure.

Online backup has its data encrypted, can be accessed anywhere and not to prone to natural calamity and theft. It has advanced set up. However it cannot be directly controlled, takes comparatively more time and heavily dependent on internet.

Why Zenius PC Support?

At Zenius PC Support, our remote data recovery services will relieve you of the headache of looking for data recovery experts and providing you a secure data recovery service. For optimizing your computer performance and recovering your lost data Zenius PC Support presents Zenius Speed- the innovative solution to your data recovery problems. Now erase your data securely and recover the lost photos, music, etc deleted accidentally.

Our data recovery services will provide you the following benefits:

  • Recover data from NTFS
  • FAT Recovery
  • Recover lost e-mails
  • Recover formatted data
  • No need to carry your system anywhere
  • Saves time
  • Cost effective packages
  • Immediate handling of your queries
  • Complete guarantee of your privacy

Service Highlights:

  • We have remote computer support services 24*7
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