Online and Offline Data Backup Solutions

Online and Offline Data Backup Solutions

There data stored in your computer can never be considered as protected unless you have created a backup for the data. You may lose data because of virus attacks, hard drive crash or system failure or various other reasons, and in some cases the damage is beyond repair. Thus creating backup files for your data would save you from the damage of permanent data loss.

How to back up data?

External storage devices like hard drives, memory sticks and flash drives are appropriate media to store your data in case the data volume is less. CD’s and DVD’s are also good for creating backups. DVD’s can be single layer or dual layer allowing you storage space of 4.7 GB and 8.5 GB respectively. Other than external storage devices there are online backup solutions provided by various websites. An advantage of creating remote backup or backup online is that the data can be accessed from anywhere with the help of a system and internet. Businesses now-a-days are using hard drives for creating computer back up. But there is still the risk of that particular drive being attacked by a virus or spyware.
In case of Windows XP, you should select Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Backup. Note that in case of Windows XP home the Data Backup Utility is in the CD provided. Click next in the dialogue box and then click Backup Files and Settings. Choose the folders you want to create a backup for, and then select the backup type and the destination folder. In case of CD’s and DVD’s, you would first need to create the backup in the same hard drive or a different hard drive and then copy it to the external device. However in case of USB, you can directly choose it as destination folder.
For data backup and storage in case of Windows Vista, select Systems and Maintenance >> Backup and Restore Centre from the Control Panel. Choose whether you want to backup specific files or the entire computer. After clicking Next in the wizard dialogue box, click on the destination hard drive or external device you want to store the backup data. Then you will be prompted to choose the file types you want to backup, like music, pictures, videos, etc. Then click on the option Save Settings and Start Backup.

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