Outlook PST File- How to Split?


What is the PST File?

PST (Personal Storage Table) file is an open proprietary file format that saves and stores emails and other items like contacts, contact information and calendar entries in MS Outlook. PST file size or storage limit varies depending on the Outlook version you have installed on your system. For example, the 2002 Outlook version has 2GB file size limit while the latest versions like Outlook 2010 and 2013 are far greater in file storage size limit.


Why Do I Need to Split the PST File?

No matter what version of Outlook you have, if you’ve been using your Outlook account for years and you use it frequently without deleting your previous mails and contacts, you are likely to reach the file size limit.

As the PST file of your account starts filling with data the speed of your Outlook account slows down dramatically. This can cause you inconvenience and waste your valuable time.

Furthermore, when it reaches the file size upper limit and exceeds it, it then locks you out entirely. In other words, you can’t send emails from your Outlook account or receive emails from others in your Outlook. All the activities get blocked and hampered. Also, if you try to account new contact information, you can’t do that either.

This lowers your efficiency and productivity. You can’t communicate smoothly with your colleagues and eventually tasks get delayed.

In addition to this, when the PST file exceeds its maximum limit, the chances of the file to become corrupt and damaged also increases which puts you at risk of losing all your important information, attachments, email messages and contacts saved in your Outlook email account.

Nonetheless to avoid this hassle, it is advisable to split the PST file into smaller file sizes. This prevents you from losing all your important data and emails inside your Outlook account in one go.

How to Split the PST File?

The best way to split the PST file is to use a PST Splitter. It is easy, safe, efficient and a quick way to split PST file. In fact, it is so easy to use that you don’t need any technical experience or expertise.

What Does a PST Splitter do?

  • Breaks Down the PST File and Protects Your Data From Being Lost

PST Splitter is a powerful tool that swiftly breaks down and splits the 2 gigabyte file size.  It allows you to organize your Outlook data into smaller and useful sections. Therefore it makes your data safe and secure.  Therefore when you have this tool installed on your PC, you are never at risk of losing your important information and data stored in your Outlook account.

And if you have lost your information previously, there’s no need to worry! It takes care of that too. As it also helps restore all your email messages, calendar entries, attachments and contact information that you’d lost earlier due to PST file corruption.

  • Helps Outlook Run Faster

Furthermore, by breaking down the files into small sizes, the PST Splitter makes your Outlook run faster than ever.  It makes it easier for your hard drive to access Outlook and hence reduces your time for the program to boot up and run successfully on your system.


  • Offers Extensive Customization

Unlike other tools on the market, what makes the PST Splitter a top favorite among Outlook users is the feature of ‘Extensive Customization’. With this feature, you can break down your PST file into sections by year, size and date, whichever suits you. Also, you can even arrange to have specific folders for data management. So, virtually there is no limit to the customization feature.

By installing the PST Splitter on your PC, you can prevent hours of frustration and avoid inconvenience. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now! Click here to download the PST Splitter tool and install it on your system.