Outlook PST File Recovery Software

Repair and recover Outlook data:


Microsoft Outlook formerly known as Microsoft Office Outlook that is an application provided by Microsoft Office application program. Outlook has several outstanding features such as organizing and sending emails, storing and maintaining contact information, schedule various tasks that have to be performed, archive the files present and hence backing up of the data is secured and the most important thing is the security which is provided with utmost care to preserve all the information present in the mails. Unfortunately as a result of various reasons the outlook application present in the system gets corrupted due to various reasons mentioned below and hence all the important data present in it is lost. All the files present in it cannot be accessed as the application is corrupted. Are you worried and want to know how to restore Outlook data? Do not worry as to how to recover outlook mailbox and other information present in it, as the outlook recovery tool explains you on how to recover Outlook data within few minutes

Reasons due to which Outlook gets corrupted:


Application Fault: Microsoft office application may get corrupted sometimes as a result of faulty or incomplete installation of the program. Due to faulty application the data present in the Microsoft outlook i.e. the PST file also gets corrupted and it cannot be accessed by the user. Hence all the information that is stored in this PST file is lost.

Virus Infection: Viruses get into the system through various sources such as while browsing the internet or while transferring files from the corrupted external hard drive. These viruses enter the system and damage the file system present in the drive and hence the data present in the drive including all the PST files get damaged and hence they cannot be accessed.

Fault in Network Device: Sometimes the PST file may be present on certain network devices. These files have to be accessed from the host computer via some network links. If some fault persist in any one of the network links while transferring the information from the network source to the host computer will result in the pst file being damaged and hence cannot be used to access the account information that is stored in it. Now, you might be thinking on how to recover Outlook data. Don’t worry!! Here is one of the best Outlook Recovery Tool using which you can know how to recover Outlook data and recover Outlook attributes also.

The Outlook recovery tool recovers and repairs all the PST files that are present in the system. To recover deleted outlook items that were present in the system, use the advanced features present in the recovery tool which tells you how to recover Outlook by scanning your system’s hard drive to find PST file to recover Outlook data within short span of time. This tool is equipped with advanced features to repair most of the PST files of many profiles that cannot be repaired by the inbuilt repair application called as scanpst. This outlook recovery tool is developed with special algorithms that can easily repair outlook 2010 and other previous versions of Outlook such as 2000, 2003 and 2007. Depending on the severity of the corruption that has occurred in the PST file there are two types of scan provided by the system, they are “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” using which the user can easily recover all the data present in the particular PST file. It can easily fix PST on windows 7 Operating System of the particular user and recover all the mails and other folders present in it.

Recent Updates:

How to recover Outlook 2010 deleted folders?: You may lose your folder from Microsoft Outlook 2010 by accidentally deleting or by any other reason. This software helps you to recover your deleted folders from Microsoft Outlook 2010 without causing any changes or damages to it. The recovered folders remains intact. Go to this page for more detail info:

Steps to know how to recover Outlook data:


Step 1: Download and install the application tool in the system to know how to recover PST file data. Click on “Find PST File” from the main screen.

Step 2: Select the location of the PST file present and click the “Next” button, select “Normal Scan” “Smart Scan” option based on the scenario.

Step 3: Details of recovered file is listed which can be viewed by going to destination location thereby giving answer to your most worried question i.e. how to recover Outlook PST file data.