Output Firewall Pro Review


This review is about Outpost Firewall Pro, it is by Agnitum, it is purposefully simple to cater for both experts and novices alike. It includes some added features as well as the inbuilt firewall to keep offensive content and adverts of your pc, so if you are looking for software to protect your computer from intrusion as well as protect minors from content which is undesirable then this could be a good option.

Feature Set

  • Blocking of banners, ads and images is one of Outpost Firewall Pro’s unique features. Images can be blocked by size, for example if you have a website which has a large image which causes problems. It is possible to block all images to stop any issues with minors seeing images. Although this does not block every image blocks most
  • Blocking content is also possible with Output Firewall Pro, this can be done by creating a word list or even website names which are to be blocked. This will stop members of the family from gaining access to sites with the words which are offensive, these settings are also protected with a password. Note though that it is pointless to do this if others have access to the administration account as they can simply remove the firewall.
  • Tracking of intruders can be purchased as an add-on, this will allow tracking of intruders via IP with PC Flank WhoEasy. Alternatively there is a plugin called Blockpost which can block spyware and Adware. An Http log file gives a clear list of the client requests which have occurred
  • Entertainment mode is new and is included so that it is possible for the firewall to act in silent mode and not pop up when applications such as games are running
  • Self protection is standard in Output Firewall pro, this mode is designed to stop the firewall being deactivated by malware such as spyware, this includes keystroke simulation for added protection


  • Outpost Firewall Pro’s interface has been designed to be simple, directly from the start screen of the panel you can view and track all the network traffic, all the ports which are open and the applications which are accessing each port at that moment. This makes spotting potentially malware very easy, then you can right click on the applications name to block the access this application has. Alternatively a custom rule can be create for the app.
  • Installation is easy, it allows you to set up a computer with many users automatically. As the installation occurs you may set up settings which are particular to a user on your network or set everyone up in the same way, for instance by restricting your children’s access.
  • Output Firewall pro is reliable once the security settings have been adjusted accordingly, this allows you to be invisible on the internet. It also passed the referrer test so you can be sure that when browsing website they do not know where you have come from
  • Help/Support is excellent in outpost firewall pro, the help documentation is clear and concise, showing you what you need to know, there is a helpful table of contents so that you don’t get lost.


This product not only acts as a first rate firewall it also has added benefits of protecting you from more subtle intrusions with Internet use, for example cookies, banners, and ads