PC Health Check

PC Health Check

Your computer is happy if it is healthy. How do you know that it is in the pink of its health? Is your computer running slow or having start up problems? Are you struggling with several computer problems every day? It has come to an end with the expert tech team of Zenius PC Support which is just a call away. All you have to do is give us a call or mail us. We will get back to you immediately and solve your issues in a click. Our certified technicians will remotely control your computer and solve all the problems related to your PC performance


Computer health check is necessary for systems that are being used for more than a year. The longer you use your system, the more burdened its memory becomes with temporary files, error reports, websites and programs. Your working space gets reduced, and therefore your PC performance and reliability reduces. If the system has fragmented files then the system would slow down. You can perform disk cleanup and defragmentation.


The system tools in Windows XP and Vista provides you with tools for Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation. The system tools are grouped under Accessories of the Programs from the Start Menu. The duration of these tasks can vary. There are several additional factors that you need to ensure in order to maintain your computer performance and speed. And unless you are comfortable with the technical patois, you would need expert help for those tasks. Zenius PC Support can provide you that expert help. Our online computer support team has resolved performance and security issues of thousands of consumers worldwide.


As part of our tech support services, we will conduct a quick computer speed check to determine whether your PC is slow. Then a computer memory test would determine whether the operating system is using your memory. We have advanced technologies for a thorough PC health check. Here are a few steps which would check the PC‘s health:


  • You can run a virus scan which would ensure that the machine is not infected
  • You can use disk defragmenter which would defrag hard drive
  • Check the diagnostic tools which are preloaded with the machine
  • Check devices in the Control Panel to ensure that nothing is malfunctioning.
  • Check hard drive for errors
  • You should update hardware or software drivers
  • Clean recycle bin and the Internet browsing history.