Print W-2s and 1099s in QuickBooks to Save on Your Valuable Time


QuickBooks for a small business has emerged as a fortunate thing that brings in so many benefits and time-saving techniques to help businesses ensure maximum accuracy in their financial activities. The accounting software includes a plethora of automatic mechanism that makes every action flawless and accurate all the time whenever they are exploited.

Filling up and printing W-2s along with 1099s forms is quite impressive as you can save on your quality hours all the time. It is an automatic mechanism that functions in accordance with the facts and figure that you had configured at the time of setting up a QuickBooks account.

Forms W-2 and 1099 are informational forms, which maintain the details that how much you have compensated to your employees or vendor. With the help of these two forms, a concerned administration can easily fetch very actual information. It is essential for you to give a W-2 to every staff in your. Though the due date provide the form to your employees is January 31, but you would get two more days to furnish the requirement.

Now coming to the QuickBooks, the software understands how it is important for you to furnish the requirements within a given stipulated timeline. In case of any technical flaw while printing W-2 and 1099s forms, you can choose an experienced independent QuickBooks technical support professional who can remove all the obstacles and let you do the best of the accounting tool. Technical Support for QuickBooks Data Recovery

QuickBooks lets you select between preprinted W-2 forms and blank perforated paper. The advantage of the later one is that you can save on any surplus for the next year, while you would not get any other benefits for spare preprinted forms in the next financial year.

Despite the consequences, you can only make use of preprinted forms for 1099s. Take into account that the IRS needs perforated paper or preprinted W-2 forms, so you should not select a plain paper instead.

With improved QuickBooks Payroll software tool, subscribers can opt for filing W-2s and other tax forms online using the software. To do so, you should first of all organize the forms in the following ways:

  • Select Employees, and then go to the Payroll Center.
  • Click on the Payroll tab, and then tap on the concerned forms activities button.
  • Select Edit Filing procedure, and then go through the methods instructed on your computer screen.

Take into account that the businesses that have in excess of 250 W-2s or 1099s, correspondingly, should fill the form electronically. QuickBooks makes it easy for the employers to meet the requirements for each tax form with increased correctness.

If you don’t want any obstacles in your way while filling up the forms, you should dial QuickBooks tech support phone number and get the support to resolve all types of errors easily.