Printer Setup

Printer Setup

These days printers have become a must tool and its installation is equally important. There are times when this equipment installation becomes tricky. Zenius PC Support tech experts would provide you steps on how to install a printer:  


  • You would have to decide on how you want to connect the printer. You can connect it in several ways to the computer. Check what does the printer hardware is compatible with and take a decision in accordance with your needs, too.


  • Printers are connected via USB cable plugs.  They are plugged into the back of the printer and is connected to the USB port on the computer.


  • Several new printers can connect to the network directly. They would connect to a router through Wifi or Ethernet cable.  If the printer is turned on then any computer on the network can print to it. You can even purchase the print server boxes which allow you to attach a traditional printer to the network directly.


  • Now connect the printer. If it is being connected through USB then ensure that the printer should be in a location which is in the reach of the cable. In case you are connecting to the network ensure that the printer can reach router through Ethernet or Wi-Fi signal.


  • If you are connecting through USB, then turn the computer on and log in to the user account. Connect USB cable and start installation process.


  • If you are connecting through Wi-Fi then use menu interface on printer to search for the wireless network. You would need to use printer’s navigation buttons in order to enter in the wireless password.


  • Fix the drivers. If you are connecting through USB and using modern version of Windows or OS X, the new printer would be detected as well as automatically installed. Else you would have to install drivers from disc which comes with printer or the website of the manufacturer.


  • Now add the network printer. In case you are installing a network printer, you would have to add it from each PC which you want to print from.  You would be installing drivers for printer onto the system. The printer must be connected via Ethernet or wirelessly prior to adding to the machine.


  • Open Control Panel from the Start menu and Windows 8 users can just press the Windows key + X and select it from menu.


  • Now choose “Devices and Printers”. This would open the window which would show all currently installed devices which are connected to the computer.


  • Click “Add a printer” which is at the top of the window. A new dialog box opens with several options. Select “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer”.


  • Windows would search for the printer. The new network printer would appear on the list. In case it does not then check whether it connected to the network properly. Choose the printer and hit next.


  • Opt to set as default. You would be given the alternative to set it default printer as well as print test page ensuring that it has been properly connected after automatic installation of the printer.


  • You can put any extra software after printer installation which comes bundled with the printer. However none of the programs are required for basic printing. However it can increase the printer functionalities as well as allow you to access additional features.


  • In case the printer has been directly connected to the computer then printer can be shared with other systems on the network as long as the system is o n and connected to same network.


  • If you want to execute printing from remote locations with the help of a public machine or phone then enable certain printers in order to connect the cloud as well as be available for printing.