Prompt Support to Fix QuickBooks Error -6000,-83


QuickBooks, an accounting software package, has emerged as the most trusted and robust tool for calculating and tracking financial transactions of small and mid-size businesses. However, it is not aloof from the fact that no software is flawless absolutely.

Your QuickBooks might prompt some errors due to one or another reason – QuickBooks Error -6000,-83 is one among the common issues with the accounting software.

Good thing is that every error can easily be resolved as they are code-centric and most the issues are caused by the problems either on the server or in the personal computer which QuickBooks is running on.

The issue generally takes place when you try to access, repair or create a backup copy of your company file in QuickBooks. Here are some reasons why you see the error code QuickBooks Error -6000,-83:

  • Unauthorized access to a specific folder – you may have insufficient permission to open the folder.
  • Windows firewall or malware programs stopping QuickBooks files
  • Multiple users trying to host data file
  • File extension not correct
  • Inappropriate QuickBooks installation

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