QuickBooks® Crashes on Saving as PDF or Reconciling Reports


It is quite clear that Intuit’s star accounting and financial management software is a greater tool for a number of small businesses in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world for commercial purposes. While using any version of QuickBooks, you need to save some reports and information in the electronic format of PDF that you can send to your vendors, customers, and business partners from time to time. So, you prefer to save them. Whenever you go for saving the PDF, your system suddenly starts crashing.  This unexpected error brings everything to a halt and compels the QB user to look for instant QuickBooks technical support service from QuickBooks tech support professionals. Sometimes, they fail to get adequate help or their calls are kept in waiting. Hence, independent technical support assistance providing company Intelli Atlas Inc offers a quick and dependable help for making your system easily save a PDF file without crashing the software.

This error is grave as it doesn’t allow you to save a pdf file because your system gets frozen or crashed. If anything like it occurs frequently, it will be better if you can take any sort of aid from the QuickBooks pdf repair tool. If you are not a tech savvy, don’t waste your time and ask 3rd party support service provider   for a better and sensible solution to prevent your software from being crashed unnecessarily. It is believed that downloading a free virtual printer can also make things happen in your favor. Sometimes, QB users are comfortable while downloading a free virtual printer and using the pdf repair tool. If you still find no way even after using tools and virtual printer, make sure you can’t make it at your own. Just dial our toll-free QuickBooks support phone number and save your system from being run out every time you need to save a PDF.

The issue of system crashing in QB is likely to affect the users of the QuickBooks Pro 2012-2013 version. QB starts hanging frequently when a bookkeeper tries to reconcile the accounts and takes printed reports in a PDF. The same issue can be occurred when QB users prefer to accumulate an invoice as a PDF. It is likely that the issue can hit your system when you go by inbuilt QB features than a PDF printer from the 3rd party. In this case, following errors are likely to occur:

  • You may find it hard to print with the printer. So you better take a serious look at the printer and check if printing has been discarded from another program.
  • QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file.
  • During the email transactions, you may have some PDF file-associated errors.
  • You may also find QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -20. It says that it is not possible to print straight to the PDF converter. You better stick to save as PDF menu option in QuickBooks.
  • It is also probable that your device is not ready. So, it will surely not save as PDF.
  • Even if you think of account recompilation, you may find QuickBooks is non-functional.

Why Intelli Atlas Assistance?

Our technical support team knows how to get rid of all these errors without affecting the safety of your valuable data. We know if the real issue is with queue for the QuickBooks PDF Converter or repair tool. We also know how to remove the error from the queue and help you reconcile accounts so that you can easily save a PDF without having a crashed QB.

Our paid technical support is available via a remote assistance. We instantly respond to your queries without keeping your call in wait. With a team of certified professionals, we overcome your expectations.