QuickBooks Data File Repair – Everything You Need to Know


The database of QuickBooks is fairly proficient and powerful to manage and handle data files of any size in all ways.  With growing pressure and demand for a more secure and proficient database for QuickBooks, Intuit has always been enhancing its virtual infrastructure so as to meet businesses’ requirements.

However, similar to other databases, QuickBooks data files are also exposed to some sorts of technical hurdles every now and then. In this write-up, we will walk through every aspect if there is to understand about the topic. We will also throw some lights on some important aspects – the key reasons of the corrupted data files, how to identify the symptoms, what measures to take to stop such happenings, and how to fix it.  Quickbooks data file support

First of all, let’s have a glance at the way how we can identify the corruption in QuickBooks data files. A QuickBooks data file corruption can hardly be identified, if we don’t pay attention to the points mentioned below:

  • An Error message appears like “A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing” in the Verify Data Utility
  • Unexpected shutdown of QuickBooks while trying to save or remove a transaction
  • Missing transactions and entries from Lists
  • QuickBooks performs sluggishly, operations take longer than usual
  • Paid bills and invoices are displayed as due
  • Flawed reports in Balance Sheets
  • Displaying a negative Balance Remaining

The causes for data file corruption in QuickBooks:

  • Malware attacks to the drive where the database is saved
  • An inappropriate shutdown of the computer because of technical or other reasons
  • A sudden power flow or drop can also cause the problem to the entire hard drive
  • Not have essentials resources such as RAM, Virtual Memory, network interface cards, routers, and others
  • The data file size going beyond the given limit – 200 MB for QuickBooks Pro and 450MB for QuickBooks Enterprise

So these are the symptoms and reasons simultaneously for the QuickBooks data file corruption. If you don’t want to get these things in your way, make sure you have a reliable QuickBooks technical support from a certified technician.

How to fix the problem:

There are actually some methods to repair QuickBooks data files:

Manual process – Verify & Rebuild Data

  • Open the data file and log-in as an administrator
  • Choose the “Single User Mode” and then start data verification procedure by going through File -> Utilities -> Verify Data

Rebuilding the data files:

  • Make a local copy of the data file form the server
  • Enable temporary hosting on the machine where it is copied (if required) and open the file and log-in as an administrator
  • Click on File-> Utilities -> Rebuild Data

These processes may take some time, you don’t get a hurry. You should avoid using the computer system while the process if going on. In case of any technical hurdle, you would better access technical support by dialing QuickBooks technical help phone number.