QuickBooks Employee & Payroll Reports


QuickBooks Employee & Payroll Reports

QuickBooks is one of the crucial accounting software. The QuickBooks Employee and Payroll Reports give you complete information about your company employees and payroll expenses in an efficient manner. The specific reports proffered by this accounting software provide you with a list of your current employees, employee earnings, and paid-time-off balances and much more in a pleasant manner. In case, you are not able to use the QuickBooks payroll services, then you can contact a QuickBooks payroll technical support providing company which proffers you quality support for the same.

Below is an overview of the features which are offered by QuickBooks Employee & Payroll Reports:

QuickBooks Payroll

These Payroll Reports give you complete information about QuickBooks payroll expenses, payroll liabilities, and other payroll items.

  • Payroll Summary: This lets you know about what are the accumulated totals for all payroll items on each employee’s paychecks.
  • Payroll Transactions by Payee: The Payroll Transactions lets you know what checks were used for the payroll taxes and other payroll-related expenses.
  • Payroll Detail Review: This lets you know about what values are being used to calculate each payroll items on the employees’ paychecks.’
  • Payroll Item Detail: This shows you a breakdown of each recent payroll transaction by a particular payroll item.

If you confront any type of issue in QuickBooks Payroll services, then you can dial a toll-free QuickBooks payroll technical support phone number and get instant solutions from certified tech experts.

QuickBooks Employees

QuickBooks also offers Employee Reports which help you in keeping track of your company employees in the best manner.

Terminated Employees List: This list will show you what employees were terminated within the past month.

New Hire List: This will let you know what employees were hired within the past month.

Employee Contact List: This will let you know about the emergency contact information for each employee.

For getting more information about QuickBooks Employees list, you can get technical support for QuickBooks payroll services from reliable technical support providing company and get instant help for the same.

Workers Compensation

  • Workers Company Code and Employee: This will let you know about how much workers compensation your company owes for each employee.
  • QuickBooks Workers Compensation: This report gives you complete information about your worker’s compensation and related expenses.
  • Workers Comp by Job: The Workers Comp by Job is one of the significant reports which show you how much your company owes for each job.
  • Workers Comp Summary: This will help you in getting information about

Workers’ compensation insurance your company currently owes.

These reports give you complete information about your basic QuickBooks accounting reports and information needed to prepare your income tax return in a competent manner. You can also modify these reports or build your own reports later within QuickBooks to meet your precise reporting needs. For more information and help contact a third party technical support providing company and get instant solutions for the same.