Quickbooks Hosting Services

QuickBooks® Cloud Hosting Services at its finest.

Your favorite version of Quickbooks, when hosted on the Cloud can turn out to be far more efficient and powerful than the conventional on-premise installation. From 24X7 remote access to enhanced security and support, Cloud hosting presents a host of other features and benefits that can vastly improve your experience. We invite you to try Quickbooks on the Cloud for free. Should you find it appealing, do opt for our QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services, and we’ll get your preferred edition of Quickbooks up and running on the Cloud at the earliest.

QuickBooks Hosting with Us– What’s on offer?

Our Quickbooks Cloud hosting services are aimed at offering the best Quickbooks experience to clients, enabling them to explore and utilize the full capabilities of the accounting software. Secure access and data storage, availability of unlimited resources and competitive pricing are but a few salient features of our hosting plans.

Our hosting services cater to the needs of certified accounting professionals, freelancers, as well as businesses across diverse sectors. Industry / business-specific custom installations are available on request.

Why Sign-Up For Quickbooks Cloud Hosting With Us?

We’ve earned the trust of several satisfied customers over the years, who have experienced and continue to enjoy quality hosting services plus dedicated and speedy customer support at affordable rates. Here’s a short list of salient features integral to our hosting plans.

Performance, Speed, and Scalability

There are no limitations on bandwidth availability or resource usage. Unlimited bandwidth makes it possible for users to experience a near-instant response and consistent performance throughout the day. Resource availability on demand helps businesses customize the use of software /hardware on a need basis.

Robust Hosting Environment

Systematic maintenance of the hosting infrastructure ensures that you work with the latest versions of software and hardware that is well guarded by security solutions. Automated backups every day and a 90-day cache of backup data ensure that your business data is available for scrutiny or recovery whenever required.

Migrating Quickbooks Data

Moving Quickbooks to the cloud is incomplete without migrating data stored on your PC or on another hosting environment. Our hosting services also include accurate and complete data migration from other sources, as well as moving data from one Quickbooks version to an upgraded one.

Technical/Customer Support

Support is just a call away, should you need it. Our support staff can be reached 24X7 via e-mail, chat or a phone call. Expert technical assistance is available on demand to handle software installation, access and Quickbooks data migration from external sources as well.

Transfer of Quickbooks Files

Hosting plans support transfer of upto 20 GB of Quickbooks data and files every day. Content can be protected using passwords and transfers tracked quite easily.

Competitively Priced Flexi-Plans

Our hosting plans are cost-effective, offering value-for-money services to freelancers as well as established professionals and businesses.

Hosting Environment – Miscellaneous Software

Basic software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Adobe Reader, and File Explorer are freely available for use.

Cloud Hosting – Key Benefits

Cloud hosting has several innate benefits that you get to enjoy by opting for hosted Quickbooks.

  • State-of-Art Serviced Infrastructure
  • Impressive Speeds and Efficient Performance
  • Secure Access to Business Data
  • Resource Availability on Demand
  • Round-the-clock Support Services
  • Economical Operations
  • Anytime, anywhere access

Your favorite accounting software on the Cloud becomes a more powerful tool as it is now backed by technically advanced hardware, high bandwidth, and 24X7 support, that too at nominal costs for the resources you actually use.

You and other authorized users are free to access Quickbooks from any preferred device that has internet connectivity, literally able to work more efficiently at your convenience.  Data access and storage is protected by a host of security protocols, firewalls, anti-malware, data encryption, and authentications

QuickBooks Hosting For All Editions

Our hosting services span installation, data migration, customization, third-party integration as well as technical and customer support for all editions of Quickbooks be it the Enterprise, Pro or Premier. Services are priced competitively and upgrades to higher versions are for free. Reach out to us for more details on hosting plans.

Industry Specific Quickbooks Editions

Our hosting environment also supports custom Quickbooks solutions that address industry-specific reporting and accounting needs. Be it Manufacturing, Retail, Legal, Non-Profit or Health care editions of the software, we’re fully equipped to handle installations, plus other integrations with extra online offerings of Quickbooks (lot tracking, payroll, payments etc.) to create a comprehensive system to suit your business requirements.

Third Party Applications

QuickBooks supports a multitude of third-party applications and so does our hosting environment. If you are already using third party software or wish to use them to create a customized accounting system, integration with third party add-ons are a breeze, as popular add-ons such as T-Sheets or Method CRM and several others are available for use.


QuickBooks Hosting – FAQ’s

Here are few common queries that we’ve tried to answer. Feel free to contact us for more details if needed.

Quickbooks Hosting – what does it mean?

Hosting is an installation process by which the Quickbooks software, related files, and data get stored on a remote server, securely accessible only via internet.

Quickbooks On Cloud or On Premise– which works faster?


Speed and performance of Quickbooks will vary based on the capabilities of the underlying IT infrastructure. Cloud hosting usually proves faster than on site installations as a typical environment is technically advanced and well-maintained.

What network/system settings are needed for hosting Quickbooks?

Apart from internet connectivity and Remote Data Protocol (RDP) enabled on Windows OS, there are no specific configurations or requirements at the user end. Our hosting environment is fully compliant with system requirements across all editions of Quickbooks.

Is Quickbooks On Cloud accessible from my tablet pc or smartphone?

Yes. Users can work on hosted software using personal computers and laptops as well. Linux, Windows and MAC OS are supported.

What exactly is a Quickbooks Terminal Server?

A Windows Terminal Server on which Quickbooks gets installed is usually referred to as Quickbooks (on) Terminal Server.

Will my Quickbooks data on cloud be affected by faulty or poor net connectivity?

No. Your data will remain on the transaction window if net connectivity is lost during the process. You will be able to post the data once connectivity is re-established. Data is updated to the server if the transaction goes through successfully.

How secure is my data in your hosting environment?

Our hosting infrastructure is closely guarded by a host of security measures including spyware, anti-malware, firewalls, password authentication, and encryption of data, plus continuous monitoring and regular upgrades. We store 2 copies of backup data on different sites to make doubly sure that your business data is indeed safe and available on demand.

What is the possibility of data loss when moving to the cloud?

Our meticulous Data migration services ensure that all your data is completely transferred to the cloud with absolutely no loss or breach of data integrity.

Will all features of Quickbooks be available on the cloud?

Yes. In fact you can even avail optional QuickBooks features if you wish to.

What is QuickBooks Online?

Quickbooks Online is Intuit’s web-based accounting solution. It is a lighter offering with just essential features and is available on a subscription basis.

Hosted Quickbooks Desktop Edition or QuickBooks Online – which is better?

Hosted Quickbooks Desktop Edition is for businesses/users looking for comprehensive features that help deal with goods in an efficient manner.   Quickbooks Online, light on features, is better suited for the service sector.

What is Intuit hosting Program, does it guarantee data security?

Intuit hosting Program authorizes service providers to host all editions of Quickbooks for windows for licensed users. The program however does not vouch for the credibility or quality of services offered by an authorized (standard or commercial) hosting service providers, who are also known as authorized standard host or authorized commercial host based on the services they offer.

Are your hosting services authorized by Intuit?

No. However AUDINC’s reliable and quality hosting services conform to SOC, SSAE-16 and PCI-DSS requirements.

Can more than one user access the same hosted Quickbooks file?

Yes. It is possible for all authorized users to work on the Quickbooks file, data is saved in real time.

If multiple users can access the hosted software, is hosting the same as multi-user mode?

No. Apart from allowing multi-user access, hosting offers several other benefits.

Multi-user mode, however, is software-specific and can be enabled in both onsite and cloud-based installations.