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QuickBooks Password Recovery

QuickBooks Password Recovery in USA

QuickBooks Password Recovery offers the best password recovery service available. QuickBooks Password Reset Service – QuickBooks 2006 through 2019

How to Recover QuickBooks Password?

The Password Reset Service will reset the Admin user password within your QuickBooks company data file so you can open your company file as the admin user.

We guarantee success or there is no charge.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Password Reset Service costs $50 for standard service (2 business days) or $75 for expedited service (the same day if the file is uploaded by 5:00 p.m. pacific.)

How Does it Work?

You upload your company file to us securely over the internet according to some easy instructions we email you upon completion of the order form. We reset the Admin password in your company file. You download the file and can then open the company using the admin username and leaving the password field blank. You can set up a new admin password then if you want.

Standard Password Reset Services

QuickBooks Password Recovery Standard service has an average turnaround time within two business days. Guaranteed success or no charge.

Order Standard Services: $50.00

  2. QuickBooks Password Recovery
  3. Expedited Service will be the same day, provided the file is uploaded by 5 pm Pacific.
  4. Guaranteed success or no charge


QuickBooks Password Recovery (for QB 2005 and earlier). QuickBooks Password Recovery Utility is designed to list all users and their corresponding passwords within a QuickBooks data file.

The download is free and will reveal all user passwords except the Admin password. You can purchase an unlocking code which will work for 1 week ( 7 days ) that will then allow the display of the Admin password.

User records are stored differently in version 12 (QB 2003) and later and cannot be displayed. For QB 2003 through 2005 the utility will only reset the admin user to a blank password.

The utility offered below is only for files from QB 2005 or earlier.

For clients running QuickBooks 2006 through the current version 2018, we offer our password reset service.

Free Password Recovery Utility Services

The password utility will reveal all user passwords except the Admin Password.


  2. The Password Utility Activation Key Code will work for 7 days
  3. to allow the display of the Admin Password.


Using The QuickBooks Password Recovery Services

To use the password utility simply double click on it to run it. Then select a file from the File menu and browse to your QuickBooks file. Once you open your QuickBooks file you will be prompted for a key code to view the admin password. Enter your key code and the Admin password will be displayed. If your file is from QB 2003 or later you will be prompted to reset the admin password rather than display it. After resetting the password you may then log into the file in QuickBooks by typing the username Admin and leaving the password field blank. If you do not have a key code then click cancel to just view a demo and see the other user password in the file. There is also a button on the same screen that will open your browser and take you to our site to order an unlocking key code. The key code will last for 7 days and will enable the utility to either display or reset the Admin Password.

Obtaining The Keycode:

Use the “Purchase Key Code” button above to purchase the keycode. Upon verification of your credit card information, the key code is emailed to the email address used when you place your order. This usually takes only a few seconds. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes please check to make sure any spam filter you may have set up has not sent it to your junk folder.