QuickBooks Payroll Item Mapping Tool (QBD)


Enjoyed by over1 million small businesses, Intuit’s QuickBooks payroll has been a great accounting management tool used in order to track income and expenses; create estimates and invoices; sync bank accounts and apps; pay employees and file Payroll taxes; and run and file your payroll taxes. When it comes to exporting hours from TSheets to QuickBooks Desktop (QBD), users must be well equipped with the Payroll Item Mapping Tool in order to allocate payroll items to their hours. If the same is not done, then QBD won’t accept them. TSheets, an employee time tracking system, successfully integrates directly with your QuickBooks accounting software program. It is designed to be easily accessed using a web browser. There is also a mobile app for those employees that work off-site and on the go. Support for Quickbooks payroll

Payroll Item Mapping by Employee

Payroll Item Mapping by Employee can be a great option if you like a default payroll item allocated for each type of hours your employees track. It states that all regular hours are tracked per employee and one payroll item is assigned to regular hours in QBD. When it comes to tracking overtime hours per employee, there will be one payroll item allocated to those hours in QBD. This tool can be effectively used to tracking regular time, overtime, double-time, and any set PTO codes.

Payroll Item Mapping by Customer/Service Item/ Class

Setting an employee default is needed if you favor to assign payroll items on the basis of specific customers, service items, or classes. Then, set the override setting by your preferred norms. Expert support for Quickbooks

Allow Employees to Select Their Own Payroll Items

You can set this option up on your account if you prefer not to do any mapping. The same thing can be done if your employees select their payroll items, especially when they clock in and out. Accounting support for Quickbooks

Remember: Any Payroll Items chosen by employees on their timesheets will overrule any overtime calculation account settings. The same situation can be understood with an example where employees might have overtime for the week as shown in the reports and export details. Now, it is up to the employees to choose the appropriate payroll item for the purpose of overtime on that timesheet so that they can be easily get paid at the overtime rate.

This way, Payroll Item Mapping Tool (QBD) makes a real difference when it comes to managing payroll in an effective manner.