QuickBooks Point of Sale Not Connecting to Data Files?


QuickBooks Point of Sale has given an edge to the overall accounting mechanism that is largely used by the small and mid-size businesses. It is dedicatedly designed to change the way how the businesses have been receiving payments from the customers for the last several years. With the help of advanced Point-of-Sale accounting mechanism, it is probably one of the most convenient tools that a small business can adopt into its accounting system to streamline all the complicated tasks easily.

Regardless of its technological advancements, some technical problems are always there in place to put an obstacle and stop the customer from using its advanced features and applications. Though a technical issue with QuickBooks Point of Sale is no longer an unusual thing, what is important at such conditions is to address the issue immediately and remove all those glitches that are stopping you from utilizing the machine to the fullest. Contact a reliable technician and ask for real-time technical support for QuickBooks accounting software to address the problem easily.
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QuickBooks Point of Sale Not Connecting to Data Files? Here’s Solution

Here’re some symptoms that you can see at the time when your QuickBooks Point of Sale develops an issue in connecting to the data files:

  • The user interface of QuickBooks Point of Sale goes gray
  • You encounter a technical error: “You are not connected to the server”
  • When you try to update the data files, you see an error message “Fixing the Connection”
  • Specify the server an d company data file name in the company data file

Why such technical issue takes place:

Here are some possible reasons why your QuickBooks Point of Sale system develops an issue while connecting to the company data files:

  • A firewall may be stopping the software
  • Your workstation may be connected to dynamic IP address
  • Either client or server computer systems may have technical problems
  • Your server workstation may not have multi-user applicability
  • Your client workstation may not be on the same Windows service pack
  • Your computer system may have trouble in connecting to the network

So these are some possible reasons that may cause your QuickBooks point of sale system to suffer unnecessary inconveniences over the period. Though the solution for every issue is available and accessible round the clock, however, you can do some easy and simple workarounds to repair the issue through the following tips before you dial QuickBooks point of sale helpline number to get reliable support from experienced professionals:

  • Restart the client and server workstation
  • Check if all the connections and ports are connected properly
  • Log into the accounting mechanism as an admin
  • Use a local area connect rather than the virtual private network

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There is no need to get panic if you are unable to connect your QuickBooks Point of Sale to your company data files. Whenever you come across such issues, simply contact a technician and resolve the issue immediately.