Remote Assistance using Windows online support guidelines


Mishaps and mistakes can happen anytime and anywhere. The challenge is recovering from the crisis with no or minimum damage. It’s a very common situation where computers break down leading to serious loss of data, money and time. Not all are proficient enough to come out of a system break down or mishaps unharmed. If you are able to repair the errors yourself, it is well and fine, but what if you are not able to do so? At a time were people have such a busy schedule, taking the machine to an e10ert every time is not a feasible solution. Then what can be done?


Think about a scenario where your system gets affected vitally and you are blank.  In such cases if somebody you trust, may be your friend or colleague, can help you, it would be the best thing. However, getting someone available physically is not always possible. Windows online support suggests seeking remote help in situations like this. Microsoft understands that not everyone will have the knowledge and resource to recover from their system breakdown. So, it has included a Remote Support feature in its operating systems. Through Remote Support, somebody from a distant location can access the affected computer and repair the issues.

Guidelines by Windows online support for requesting Remote support


For setting up a Remote support or connection, first the user has to connect to the e10ert. The steps for setting up a connection are as follows:

  1. Select Start menu and type Windows Remote Assistance in the search bar.
  2. Open the remote assistance application that appears.
  3. Choose Invite Someone You Trust to Help You option.
  4. Select Save This Invitation as a File and save it to the desktop.
  5. Open the email application, attach the invitation file to an email and send it to the friend.
  6. Share the password of the connection with the friend.
  7. Grant permission when the e10ert is trying to access the system.
  8. Select Allow User to Respond to User Account Control Prompts


Confirming the permission will give the remote assistant has control on the computer.


Guidelines by Windows online support for providing Remote support

Suppose you are the e10ert and you are going to help someone, use the following steps to access the other system:


  1. On receiving the email invitation from the friend, download the invitation file and save the file to the desktop.
  2. Open the invitation file and enter the password provided by the friend.
  3. Click Request Control to see your friend’s desktop.
  4. Once the friend gives permission to access the system, you can see the desktop of the friend. Control the remote system using your mouse and keyboard.


Hope this article helped you.