Router Setup

It is not difficult to set up a router. You just need a system which has a network port as well as two network cables. The setting might differ slightly depending on the model as well as whether it is wireless or wired. We would provide you few steps on how to set up home network router: 

  • Choose a suitable location in order to start installing the router. This however need not be eternal location of equipment. In case of wireless routers you would have to reposition unit post installing it as cables or signals which may not reach required areas. See to it that in the location you can work easily.


  • Put in the electrical power source. Push power button in order to turn the router on.


  • Now connect one system to the router. Even if it is a wireless model, connect first system to the router through network cable.  If you use a cable while installing the router then the reliability of the device is ensured. After installation the computer can be transformed to a wireless connection in case required.


  • Open the administration part of the router. From the system connected to it open web browser. Thereafter enter the router address for network administration in the Web address field and click return in order to go to the home page of the router. You can take help router’s documentation in order to get the exact address for the model. You would require a workable net connection.


  • Log in to router’s home page which would ask for username and secret code. Change the password for security reasons but only after completing the installation in order to avoid unnecessary obstacles during basic arrangement.


  • If you want the router to connect to net then enter Internet connection details into the router configuration section.  If you are using DSL Internet then you would have to enter PPPoE username as well as password. In case you have been given an IP address by the provider then the fixed IP fields must be set in the router.


  • In case of a wireless router change the network name. You get the router with a network name that is set at the factory. Do not use the name on the network.


  • Do authenticate the network connection that is between the system and the router. Just confirm that the PC has received IP address details form the router.


  • You can connect to additional systems to the router as per requirement. Do ensure that the network name of each system matches that of the router if connecting wirelessly.


  • Now configure the extra network security feature that would guard the systems against virus attacks.