Schedule a Meeting in Outlook 2016


The word meeting stands for the situation when a group of people comes together for a particular agenda. In Outlook, it has a feature to schedule a meeting. By using this feature of Outlook, we can quickly send a meeting request to individual or group of people. A meeting request is sent to set up the meeting time and also to track who is interested in attending a meeting and who is not.

While creating the meeting request, you can add an attachment, and also set the meeting location in it. The Outlook also provides you the feature to which you can ask other members invited into the meeting to choose the best time for the meeting.

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Steps to schedule a meeting in Outlook

  • Open the OutlookSchedule a Meeting in Outlook 2016
  • Make sure you have selected the Home You can find the New group available on top left corner. From New group, you can create a meeting in either two ways.
  • Click on New Item and then select New Meeting.
  • You can also choose a new meeting from the calendar.
  • In the To block add the contact of the people whom you want to send the meeting
  • You will also see Subject block, there you can mention the agenda of the meeting.
  • In Location block, you can add the location where the meeting will be held.
  • You can identify the Start and End time of the meeting in the blocks below the Location block.

Make Sure few things while Scheduling a Meeting in Outlook:

Note: – Outlook also provides you the feature to schedule meeting with a person living in an alternate time zone, for this in Option group, click on Time Zone.

  • In the Body section of meeting box, you can add the details for the meeting which you want to share with the recipient.

Note: – In the Body section you can add attachments by choosing the Insert tab from the blue ribbon and then click on Attach File option, now select the file which you want to add to the meeting request.

  • Select Schedule from the top of the window, it will help you to find the best time for the meeting by analyzing when the Recipients and the resources are available.
  • Under the Attendees group at the top of the screen, select Address book and then click on Add Others

Note: – You can also add attendees by typing the name in the Search box, and then click Go. From the result select the required name and then click on Required, Optional or Resources.

  • After adding the attendees, you can click on Appointment option available on the blue ribbon to jump back to meeting request option.
  • If you do not want to mark the meeting reoccurring, then click on Sent button, otherwise continue reading the article.

Steps to Create a Meeting Recurring in Outlook

Suppose you create a meeting request to discuss the growth of your company. You want this meeting to be held once in every month. By using this feature of Outlook, you will not have to create the meeting request, again and again, every month you can only make the meeting recurring by following the below-mentioned steps. This will automatically give you the meeting reminder every month.

Note: – You can also set the recurring pattern for the meeting. It can be daily, monthly, weekly or yearly. Moreover, it will give you the reminder accordingly.

  1. In Options group, click on Recurrence
  2. A pop-up dialog box appears, set the recurrence pattern you want your message request to have.

Note: – After adding the recurrence pattern to meeting tab, the Meeting tab converts into Meeting Series.

  1. Click on the Send key to send the meeting

Still Having Trouble with Schedule a Meeting or Meeting Recurring?

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