Setup Zimbra

Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) is an integrated tool for mail, address book, calendar, tasks, file sharing, multiple document management and social media. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for Zimbra. It serves as a full featured desktop mail client. Zimbra mail is also compatible with iPhone.

How to set up Zimbra?

To use Zimbra desktop, you need to enter your existing account settings. In order to setup your Zimbra web client account, follow the steps below:

  • Open Zimbra
  • Click the option Account Setup (in the top right corner)
  • Select the option Zimbra Account
  • You will see the a page for Account Setup
  • Enter your Zimbra desktop account name in the Account Name box
  • Enter the email address of the ZWC account
  • Enter your password for logging in
  • In the Incoming Mail Server option, enter the server address of Zimbra
  • In the Security box check the option that allows you to use SSL encryption, in case you would always be using encrypted      connection. If you are not sure, then contact the system admin
  • Then select the frequency of data gathering from your account by Zimbra Desktop in the Synchronize Settings option (the      default frequency is 15 minutes)
  • In event of you making the selection manually, click on the Send or Receive option from the Zimbra desktop toolbar, in order to      synchronize your account
  • Selection of very short frequency (like one minute) would negatively affect your system performance
  • In order to alter this settings again, you would need to go to Account Setup option and edit the account
  • Click Test and Save to finish the setup process

On validation of the set email account, a dialog informing you the service has been created would appear in the Zimbra Desktop. If you do not receive this notification, then your account creation has not been successful. In that case, go to the Account Settings option again and do the necessary corrections.

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