Skype Can’t Connect


There is no doubt on this that Skype is an awesome calling services provided by Microsoft. You can get connected easily with your friends and family via Skype. Gone are the days when Skype was only limited to computer or laptop. Nowadays it is being widely used for windows, android or on even iPhone mobile phones. But sometimes you may get an error “Skype can’t connect”. In this situation, you can fix your problem by doing following steps.This may fix your problem.

Check heartbeat of Skype:

sometimes a problem is just because of Skype server is down. Problem is not always at our end. So how we can check that problem is actually on Skype service provider’s end. So now Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Skype application itself. You can check with one click. Follow these steps. Go to Help, then go to a 4th option which is Heartbeat (Skype Status). After clicking on this a new web page will open which will be having information. If there is any problem at the server you will see error messages on this web page.

Upgrade your existing Skype to the latest version:

this could be a problem sometimes. Each and every application manufacturing company releases its updates time to time. Here are the few steps by following this you can update your Skype. Go to Help, then go to a 6th option which is Check for Updates. Or else you can uninstall your Skype and visit official Microsoft website and download the new Skype software.

Refresh network settings:

Resetting up network settings can also remove your Skype can’t connect For refreshing open command prompt by pressing Windows Key and R together. Now type following commands one by one and don’t forget to press enter after each and every command.

 Check for windows update:

always keep your operating system update can keep your computer system away from so many problems. Updating windows is very easy to go to Control Panel then select All Control Panel Items then Select System. Then at the bottom at the left-hand side, you will see an option Windows Update then click on Check for updates.

If doing all this does not help you then you must search for Skype support phone number on either on Google or on bing.