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Skype Support, Skype Customer Support, Skype Customer Support Number, Skype Customer Support Toll Free Number, Skype Technical Support, Skype Technical Support Number, Skype Technical Support Toll Free Number, Skype Support Number, Skype Support Toll Free Number, Skype Technical Help, Skype Customer Help, Skype Chat Support, Skype started its operation at 2003 with video and voice calling for PC, mobile, and tablet. User can send instant messages, arrange video calling, exchange image files and send video messages. At present it is supported to all operating system including Mac, Window, Linux, iOS, blackberry and android. Skype almost offer free services except calling required subscription, where user has to buy Skype credit to use the feature. Since Microsoft acquired the establishment, Skype has reinvented and synchronized with many devices. To know about Skype Services and feature and usage, you can contact Zenius Group Support for further support.


Technical support for Skype

Zenius Group Support provides sheer support to all indispensable technical need of you for Skype. Once you will call us, you will notice latitude of our service, we assure you to make your life easy by assisting on audio and video calling. We support you registration to installation process, setting Microsoft account and log in via alternate resources. How to buy Skype credit and get refund, we have a solution for all your need. Contact our Skype help team and enjoy uninterrupted video and audio calls at the limited price. Out Tech professionals is eager to help you. Just call our Skype Support number right now.


What you can do with Skype

  • Call in the group
  • Make a group video conference call
  • Send Video and instant message
  • Share Audio, video and text files to your friends

Our range of service for Skype

  • Setting up account, registration assistance
  • Help on Installation of application
  • Assistance on conference calls
  • Password recovery support
  • Payment and refund help on Skype credit
  • Assistance to redeem the vouchers
  • Help on suspended, hacked and compromised account
  • Link or unlink the Skype account
  • Help on profile set up, adding alternate email address
  • Downloading help on different OS
  • Updating the version
  • Skype set up in TV, tablet and other devices
  • Assistance on setting up business conference call

Why choose us for Skype Support?

  • Quick and authentic service
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Online remote assistance
  • Affordable, trustworthy and dynamic approach