Spending too much time using Quickbooks? Need to streamline things?


Are you spending too much time using Quickbooks?   Do you have too many manual tasks?

I’m often approached by clients that say, “It takes me too long to do this in Quickbooks”.   Often they just need some training, while other times they need to work on streamlining processes.
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Here are some signs that you need to streamline things with Quickbooks:

  • You or your bookkeeper are spending too much time on Quickbooks data entry.
  • Your bookkeeper or office admin is on standby to receive credit card payments by phone .
  • Your customers do not have access to  look at their account information or access to reprint invoices.
  • Your company’s payroll is done manually.
  • Your employees cannot reprint  their own paystubs.
  • It’s almost impossible for you to reconcile customer credit card payments.
  • You have more than 30 Quickbooks users and you occasionally have 1 or more people waiting for their chance to log in
  • You’d like to add a customer portal where your clients can enter sales orders in Quickbooks

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If any of these situations are an issue for you, you may want to explore the Intuit Marketplace.  It’s a great resource for Quickbooks add-ons that allow you to customize Quickbooks to fit your business needs.  For almost any task that Quickbooks does not handle, there is probably an add-on that you can buy (for a small investment).

The Intuit Marketplace has allowed me to provide my clients with cost-effective options to address specific challenges with Quickbooks.