Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST- Does this Tool Actually Work?


Stellar Phoenix Outlook

Do you use MS Outlook application? Do you use it to send and receive emails within your office regularly? If yes, then it is best to download and install Stellar Phoenix PST tool on your PC.MS Outlook is the most preferred and widely used application used in organizations. This application is used to primarily to facilitate smooth flow of communication via emails. However, this application is also used for other purposes for example storing contact information, saving drafts, attachments and reminders for important business appointments and meetings scheduled.

This application is highly functional and helps communicate within and outside the office efficiently and conveniently. Nonetheless, if you use it quite frequently and don’t delete the emails and contacts stored in it, you may come across inbox errors like PST file corruption or PST file size limit error.

Basically all the information and data that you save in your MS Outlook account is stored in the PST (Personal Storage Table) file. The file size of this limit is approximately 2 GB. When this limit is reached, Outlook locks you out.

When this happens, you are unable to add new contacts, send and receive emails. This causes a lot of hassle, is frustrating and also wastes your time as it hampers your communication. Furthermore, it also puts you at risk of losing all your important data inside your email accounts.

The best way to recover, overcome and prevent these problems is to download and install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST on your PC. It is a leading and a popular Outlook PST file repair tool. It is very easy to use and safe. Read on to find out more about this tool and reasons why this tool is possibly the best choice for you.


Stellar Outlook PST Repair Tool- What does it do?

For starters this is the answer for all your PST Outlook problems. With Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair tool, you don’t have to go in the nitty-gritty to find and identify the cause of the PST error as it repairs any and all problems you have with the PST file in Microsoft Outlook application. Whether your PST file reaches its upper file size limit or it becomes corrupt or infected by malware or viruses, this repair tool works and helps you resolve all problems in no time. It takes only a couple of minutes to fix the problem, repair and recover your important data and email messages.  In other words it gives you access to all your important attachment, contact information and emails.  It is incredibly easy to use and effective.


  • Speedy Data Recovery

What makes Stellar Phoenix PST Repair tool a hot favorite among Outlook users is that with this tool, you can also restore emails and contacts that you deleted earlier by accident before you experienced a PST file error.
With Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST tool, you can save hundreds of dollars that you are likely to pay to a professional to help you with data recovery.  So, this is definitely a great aspect about this tool.

  • User-Friendly Interface

To use Stellar Phoenix PST Repair tool on your computer to fix PST problems and errors, you don’t need to have a sound technical understanding like the PST file location, expertise or experience, it’s that easy to use. It has an extremely easy to use interface that enables you to navigate through the tool like a pro. In just a few clicks, you can repair the PST file and go back to using your Outlook account.

  • Increased Compatibility

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool is compatible on all MS Outlook versions. So whether you have the 2000 version or 2007 or 2010, you can use this repair tool with ease.

Furthermore, Stellar Phoenix is also compatible with almost all Windows including Vista, Windows 7, XP, Windows 2000 and 2003. So, when it comes to compatibility, you don’t have to worry about with this repair tool.Its outstanding value, user friendly and easy to navigate through interface has made it one of the most sought after repair tools on the market.

To get started:

  • Click here to download and install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST on your PC
  • Run it to perform a scan
  • Then simply click on repair to resolve any PST issue you have