Steps to Uninstall Windows Updates


Users are not encouraged to uninstall Windows updates as updating ensures the security, protection and update of other programs from Microsoft. Uninstalling updates will pose a threat of malicious attack to your computer, inefficient program running, system crash, etc.

In case you still want to uninstall the program responsible for the frequents updates, here are some guides and steps under Windows help you should follow.

Uninstalling Windows Updates

  • Click the Start button and the Program Menu will appear on the screen. On the Program Menu, locate Control Panel and click on it to open a list of options icons. Select Uninstall a Program and this will take you to Programs and Features panel. Navigate to the upper left corner of the Programs and Features screen and select the label View Install Updates.
  • A list of all installed updates after the last Operating System recovery will be displayed in the new window. Such updates will be the Security Updates, HotFix Updates, etc. and click on the name in the window of the uninstall process to proceed.
  • On clicking the program, an Uninstall button will show up on the screen. Click on the button and select

Windows Security

Continue on the pop-up window that will appear to confirm your uninstallation.

  • The progress of uninstallation will be displayed by a green line and the time left for the completion of the process will be shown below the box.
  • After finishing the uninstallation, a pop-up window will show up reading Computer Needs to Be Restarted for the changes to take effect. If you are uninstalling multiple updates, click Restart Later and follow the same procedure from the step 1 to uninstall each program.
  • Complete the uninstallation process for all the updates by restarting the computer. Restart your computer by selecting the Restart Now button when the option comes up. The restart process will take time according to the number of files uninstalled and the speed of the processor. All the updates would be uninstalled when your computer restarts.

These are the steps you should follow to uninstall the update software from your Windows operating system.

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